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  • Read this news story about a model-turned-Shoot-Producer for us.
  • In this Spectator article, our model Yasmeena writes about her experience born in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, and how she became a model working with us.
  • In this Medium post, our model Lotte describes work she has done with other photographers, and with us. The differences are… interesting.
  • In this Vice Magazine news story about musician and our model Yara shares how was “busted”, and how she dealt with it (in Dutch; Google Translate helps).

Models sharing their stories on our site…

Video testimonials

We asked some models to records a video on their phone, describing their experiences with us. We pay models for the time and effort of making these videos for us. We ask questions, but we don’t tell models how to answer – we just encourage them to speak from the heart!

Jay D and Bee are a couple living in the US. They had some experience shooting themselves but they did their first professional shoots with us in 2019 one day after the other. We asked them to shoot their testimonial video together.

Hania started shooting with us back in 2014. Since then, she has completed 46 shoots, including a lot of Guest Direction shoots directed by herself, making her one of our most prolific models.

Adriana E first worked with us in April 2018, and recorded this video in 2019. She lives in Colombia, but has made several shoots with us in Europe. She’s also currently training to become a Shoot Producer with us!

Charlee first worked with us in September 2017. She recorded this video in April 2018 just after her second shoot. Since then she has shot more than 10 times with us. She currently lives in Canada, where she is studying Sociology with a minor in Sexuality.

Jaclyn first worked with us in 2010 (see all her shoots). She recorded this video in 2018. Jaclyn’s Australian, but lives in Canada. She’s made shoots with us in Australia as well as Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Carmina first works with us in 2011 (see all her shoots), and became a mainstream adult entertainment star after getting her start with us. She recorded this video in April 2018. Carmina’s Spanish but lives in the US currently.

Jada modelled for us for several years from 2014 (see all her shoots). She recorded this video in August 2018. Jada’s American, made shoots with us in Amsterdam, and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. modelfor.abbywinters.com is the model-recruitment department of abbywinters.com.

Written testimonials

Special Customer testimonial

I was fascinated about the way AW treated the models and how much fun the girls had on the set. The longer I have dived into the site the more I had the desire to become an abbygirl too 😍😍 (I know that this might become risky for my social life but getting the chance to help increase my self esteem and self awareness convinced me to fill out the appication form at modelfor.abbywinters.com)

After I have pressed the submit button it did not took too long that my concerns started to raise. I became nervious what will come next. The email which I received from Model liason was very nice and laying out the process that the Info Session call will follow next.

My courage being in the front of the camera and take off diminished over the time. The questions what will happen with all the personal data and the pics of myself boosted my nervousness. But what should I say? After I have asked the Model Liason giving me more time to sort things out I received a very polite and empathic email showing a lot of respect, understanding and that it is always good to give some more thoughts to each new thing we apply in our life 💛🤍💙.

Therefore I can confirm that the promoted risk free application is real and not a common sales promise.

I can strongly recommend to all who show even little interested to become an AW model to go ahead to fill out the application. You can at any time inform them that you changed your mind, your decision will be respected, and you will not be bothered at a later time at all.

yasmeena FPF feedback headshot


It is always a pleasure to work with Abbywinters and I appreciate every single time I am allowed to return. Thank YOU!

I also want to thank [Model Liaison] Jane for organizing these shoots especially the Sunday shoot, which must have taken her a lot of time, pain and effort to find a last minute replacement and organise everything. I am in awe!

[Shoot Producer] Hermann is an amazing shooter, he was very kind, professional and fun to work with. He was also very supportive and helpful on the set as well as the second video shooter. And the photos he took, look stunning.

I had a great time in Berlin, met amazing souls and hope to be able to return again.

(31 Aug 2020) Yasmeena has worked with us regularly since 2016.

kristiana headshot for fpf testimonial


Today was the day of my shoots with amazing Shoot Producer Guilia and beautiful model Lotte L. And again I was ensured that making shoots with Abby winters is always THE BEST!

Gulia is such an energetic artistic creative lady that was running around the shoot location like a thunder to make everything look beautiful on stage AND she also managed to find time to treat us the best way. Such a delicious rice and vegetables she cooked for me and my partner model. All those jokes and smiles she gave us to support and make us feel comfortable. I really appreciate it.

My fellow model Lotte L was so nice to me, gave a piece of advice as she is local on where to go and how to use the complicated system of public transport.

Special BIG THANKS to all members of Model Liaison team who never give up and find a solution for every problem and made this shoot happen even though I was having grooming issues and helped me to solve them.

(June 2019)

Lotte L

Lotte L

[Shoot Producer] Guilia is really amazing. She’s very kind, sweet and professional. She made me feel at ease & comfortable.

And I would like to thank you for your talk and guidance during this process. You all made me feel like a human being, celebrating life and enjoying it.

I truly hope to be able to work with you again. :)

It was an amazing experience.

(February 2019)



My biggest surprise was how collaborative it was, I didn’t expect to be coming up with ideas but that was the fun part! I got really eager on how we do show the next thing. It was great my personality was taken into account so much. Next time it will be great to do a little preparation so I can plan some ideas in more depth – get even more juice out of it 😅

(November 2018)



Btw, I just wanted to express how happy I am working with all your crew. I’ve been shooting some scenes in Barcelona this month and could met Masie [Shoot Producer Trainer], she is so adorable and awesome, Im feeling very well cared and enjoying a lot my shootings. 😃

(October, 2018)

Taylor V

Taylor V

I had a lot of fun, the photographer was more than amazing, I can’t exaggerate how comfortable he made me feel. He was silly and made me laugh and feel very comfortable. I couldn’t have had a better shooting experience…. well the day was a bit long but that most me wanting to eat!

[The shoot day] was not structured, in a good way. It was professional but it wasn’t like I thought, do this, now do this, now do this. I didn’t expect to be so comfortable or to build a relationship with [Shoot Producer] Brad. I didn’t expect it to be so fun!

(June 2018)




While being a amateur model in the alternative fashion industry, I have been sexual assaulted. 3 Photographers and one painter, [names redacted], once when I was just 16.

Many other models that I know have been assaulted / harassed as well but don’t even want to speak about it.

[One of them said] “You have STD’s but I can cure them when I put my fingers into your vagina, but if it is really bad I need to put my penis inside of you” 😧

But after all of that I came to Abbywinters.com, and the crew made me love myself again. It gave me lots of confidence and you were all so sweet  – of course to my fans too!

It helped me a lot and I look back at it as a wonderful time, it were long exhausting but very fun days and I learned to love me again.

My life still isn’t easy while being a homeless single student mom, but I am destined to make my dreams come true. IT nerd chick forever. 🤓

Thank you all for the lovely words, hugs, cards and incredible fan base. We women are super strong and capable of ANYthing <3

(May 2018)

Martina E

Martina E

I had a wonderful experience with Brad, he made the environment very warming and welcoming especially for someone’s first shoot with Abby Winters. His energy and great playlist of Marvin Gaye and Prince made the shooting environment not only enjoyable but comfortable and encouraging.

He was quite creative with how we were to incorporate the activities, poses, and props – I think he is a great employee for the company. I wouldn’t recommend Abby Winters to do anything different with the process, especially since the company and it’s representatives strive for transparency between the administration and models, and they truly look out for us.

Humanizing the models with the before and after drawing was unexpected, and it made me appreciate the principles the company stands for.

(April 2018)

Marina T

Marina T

Yeah, as a model, I can say, that totally like and need AW [abbywinters.com; modelfor.abbywinters.com is abbywinters.com’s model recruitment department], as they give the opportunity to explore deeper yourself in both, physical and personal trait senses, provide fun time and let you go to see, maybe some new places for you, meet new people, yep, you can meet a lot of new someones randomly around, but, for sure, models and shooting producers are the persons, who are out of the box, that is why to acquinte with them I find interesting.

As a viewer and a woman I appreciate, what AbbyWinters do, like establishing of real, genuine view of women, their appearance, and showing up, that it is just normal and pretty nice to be natural in your body, thoughts and emotions.

I talk this way, because nowadays on massmedia the images of women and in reality are rather away from each other, the world makes the portraiture of femens like of some plastic dolls, with all this photoshopping. Using this, the marketing of lot of goods, procedures and even surgions is built up just to engage us to satisfy the expectations of such images, which are claimed to be a normal look, but that is not a normal view, actually, that is just for someones profit and nothing more.

That is so confusing, when you figure out, that some young people were grown up just on such glossy and tv images and have never seen/touched the real woman, they are so surprising and lol, with all their expectations and questions)).

AW [abbywinters.com] do their awesome, as they are outstanding of that, thanks to such trends, have their certain niche, I find AW erotical and slightly documental, as, for sure, the curiosity brings people to find how do the reality look like, to explore humans bodies, as here you can find the highest explicit exposure level, images are so real, up to a shiver goosebumps, I think, that could bring your mind, like you are so near, like touching skin texture by yourself, observe its genuine reflex, responding sensual excitement, and the sensation of real emotions, to my mind, the most exciting thing of human beings, is so wonder and inspiring.

(February 2018)



First of all I wanna thank you sincerely for this mail. Once again your company has proven to me that it is run by sensible and caring people, and that is one of the qualities I most appreciate and most praise about it – also to my friends and acquaintances.

I’ve been working with abbywinters for some time now and I have observed the changes and improvements you have been committed to do, and I also want to thank you for that.

I very much appreciate the surveys you do after the shootings, as well as the new info session you offer. Regarding the info session, I must say you got two excellent workers in Izzy and Susanne, they did a wonderful job, as great as their shootings. I am very happy to work with abbywinters and its wonderful team, every time, and I very much appreciate and enjoy the website with its aesthetics and the forums.

(Jul 2013)



The very first thing that comes into my mind when I think about FPF is professionalism. Starting by the first contact call, till the final point when you receive your payment – everything is managed by well-trained and friendly people whose only aim is the model’s comfort. But, of course, what happens in between is also worth mentioning: In each shoot that I’ve done with FPF till now, I always experienced so much fun and creativity that I can’t even describe it. And this really makes the difference!

You might find some other pages that are willing to photograph your naked body. You might even find a few ones that treat you as professional as FPF does. But I only know one site that also offers the possibility of enjoying your shoot as an enriching experience without feeling bad about anything, at all. This is FPF.

Last but not least, its fairly good payment is only the icing on a very delicious cake!

Hope to see you on the site soon… ;-)

(March 2011)



I had a great time in Melbourne shooting with FPF. I had a total blast….it felt kinda mischievious, a bit cheeky and very playful. The staff at FPF do a great job of making it fun….I especially enjoyed shooting with Adora….we laughed heaps during the video.

(August 2008)



I had such a good time and I’m psyched for next time. Just thought i’d touch base and say g’day to everyone who will be seeing me naked around the world. It’s such a rush knowing that. I just hope everyone likes it coz I had a blast.

(December 2007)



Hey there!!! I’m Cleo and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say…or if I should even do this! I’m a new Model for Abbywinters girl…so new my shoot isn’t up yet! But hopefully it will be soon and then you’ll be able to put a face to my name (and much more!) I’m so excited about being involved in this and I can’t wait to do more work!! Specially girl-girl! Man, all the shoots I’ve looked through so far are SOOOOO Hot!!

(September 2007)



I’m really looking forward to speaking to some other FPF models… I think all you girls are fantastic and have helped make FPF such an awesome site! I must say doing the two solo shoots was sooooooo much fun…. FPF rocks!

(April 2007)



Hey this is Jilly, just flew down to do my first couple of days of shoots for Model for Abbywinters… I love it! Soooooooooo much fun, heaps of laughs and a great team of people. 

(November 2006)



Just got back from Australia [between 2000 and 2010, we made all our shoots in Australia -Ed] a couple days ago, still recovering from jet lag and trying to get my mindset back to Florida . I had an AWESOME time shooting for Model for Abbywinters, the staff and crew were alot of fun. I had a great time working with Sky, Prue, Toby, Carlee and especially Patience.

The FPF team was very compassionate towards me in my travels. About my first week there I lost all of the money I had brought with me and they were very quick to schedule bunches and bunches of shoots with me to help me replace it and then some. They also held onto the majority of the money that I earned so that I wouldn’t lose it again (as I don’t have a bank account). I am so grateful for their kindness and compassion. Thanks again to all of the staff, crew and models that I worked with for making a one of a kind vacation (porno-cation, perhaps?)!

(June 2006)

Tanya L

Tanya L

This site is really great, much in part to the fantastic staff and models. It makes it so much more comforting when surrounded by such people – those behind the cameras and those, like myself who are new to this sort of thing! The discussion boards and newsletter are terrific for interaction. I think it is a great site and it has really opened my mind to some new things!

(February 2006)



One of the reasons I like modelling for Model for Abbywinters so much is because we’re treated like people. We post on the boards and are treated with love and respect because we have ideas and feelings.

(November 2005)



I have always been happy working with you guys. Because I always found everyone to be friendly and helpful. The first time I walked into the office, there was an ambience about the place that just felt good- not dodgey. Thankyou, for giving me a go on Model for Abbywinters! You are a very good and successful business!

(February 2005)



I love the work and I love the sights and all the people behind the scenes. I really do find FPF the most comfortable to work with. I love how you are flexible with your times for shoots too, doing mine on weekends is fantastic for me and I promise I can be more flexible with times in the future. I think the company is great and I really love working with all of you!!!

(September 2004)



The first call that I made was very informative and friendly and not pushy, the interview was wonderful, and made me want to do the work, the first shoot put me at ease and from then on, I’ve felt more and more comfortable and open to do more things for FPF because of the staff being so great, friendly and never ever being pushy. Everything you have done for me, has been perfect there isn’t really anything that could have been done to make it any better. I’ve loved it so much.

(April 2004)



I love Model for Abbywinters, you guys are so awesome and professional. I want to spread the word all around the world. I think FPF is so successful, because the site is so interactive, with it’s members. It feels like a wonderful community where people can be themselves.

(February 2003)