Reasons to work with us

You control what happens on a shoot

You get to choose the type of shoot you make (how revealing you are). Gentle nudes? Confidently open legs? More? It’s all good with us.

On the shoot itself, you’ll work with a professional Shoot Producer who will ensure you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Your ideas in the shoot are valuable, and always respected and acted upon. At any time in the shoot, you can change your mind – it’s no problem! 

Brad [Shoot Producer] always let me know that I could do something different if I didn’t feel comfortable. He said it wouldn’t ever be a problem. It was nice to always know that there are options. There is not as much pressure!” (Alonya, Oct 2021)

“My initial worry was about doing loads of poses that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with. Like, how directed would it be? But after doing all the questionnaires and talking to Leena [Model Liaison] and Giulia [Shoot Producer] and everyone else as well, it was really clear that it is a co-creation. I realized very quickly that if I am only going to do what I am comfortable with, then of course that is going to show a lot more confidence and happiness in the pictures… It was really cool!” (Sascha, Feb 2020)

Jude - artistic and erotic nude modelling

Why others chose to model with us

When prospective models apply, during the application process we ask them why. This question can be interpreted in two ways:

  • Why are you choosing to work with us, specifically?
  • Why are you choosing to model nude on the internet?

We leave it to the Applicant to interpret the question as they see fit. Their reasons are fascinating! Maybe someone had a similar reason as you do?

“AW is a professional and supportive company. It is a great way to explore your body and to be confident and to have a new experience.” (Lian, Jun 2021)

Reasons for modelling nude

This dataset is a mix of two types of data collection, of data gathered between June 2010 and February 2019.

  1. Between 2010 and 2015 we asked the Applicant the question, and wrote down her answer word for word. Our staff at the time were all English-second-language (ESL), and many of our models are also ESL, so there are some phrasing issues and spelling mistakes – but we have worked to capture the reasons honestly.
  2. From 2016 onwards, we ask Applicants to type their answer in their own words.

In March 2019, we reviewed 100 random answers to get a sense of the range, then developed a set of classifications. We assigned a classification to each answer.

Like most people for most things, many Applicants have several reasons for applying. When assigning classifications, we’ve tried to identify the main reason, or the most “telling” reason. However, this is open to interpretation to some degree. For example, check out the quotes from Applicants who were classified under “Money”.

“It was a cool step in my life. I am glad I did it and glad I did it with you guys.” (Alonya, Oct 2021)

Gypsy - artistic and erotic nude modelling

We ensure you look fantastic

The lighting and camera gear we use is of a professional level. That means the images and video are high quality, the gear is reliable, and crew are well trained in how to use it. That’s really empowering for our Shoot Producers, and ensures the highest quality shoot.

“I adored the shooting, it was comfortable and easy, also I like the thing that you appreciate natural beauty and I felt very natural and free on the shooting. I want to say thank you very much because I got all the details about the shooting and the crew are very good persons, it was the best experience of all my career in the industry! Thank you a lot and hope to work for you next time!” (Senja, Oct 2021)


You are paid fairly and reliably

We are one of the companies who pay models the most! Models are paid the agreed amount the day after the shoot by bank transfer, without exception. We have never once missed making a model payment in 22 years of operation. 

Hiking Girls - artistic and erotic nude modelling
Holli - artistic and erotic nude modelling

We are creative professionals

We have high technical and creative standards for our shoots, and only select Shoot Producers to work with you who exceed these standards.

Our Shoot Producers are supported by experts who provide feedback and support. In turn, all works are guided by our Creative Director, a seasoned professional. 

Our crew are personable, and a delight to work with. We’re bombarded with feedback from models who had such a great time, they want to do it again and again.

“I just wanted to say that I really really really love what you guys do and how you present it. It is my favorite kind of thing, work. I love the aesthetic you have.” (Elza, Jan 2021) 

Our site is not sleazy

Images and video from shoots appear on our  paid subscription site Our customers are respectful and open about their passion, and many of our models choose to engage customers on our forums daily.

Jelly Wrestling Girls - artistic and erotic nude modelling

We have a safe working environment

On shoots, we have high safety standards, and Shoot Producers. We make Risk Assessments before each shoot. We have emergency next-of-kin contact info for models (we have never needed to use this, but it feels good to know!).

The people you meet and work with have worked with our company for years, and are passionate about the company, and what it stands for. The company has been around for 22 years, and aims to be around for many more: we’re not “fly-by-night” operators. If you wish, you can meet and have the phone number for the management team and Owners: we have nothing to hide!

“The shoot was like in a dream! It was very exciting for me! From the beginning, it has always been about communication with you guys. I was never nervous!” (Alaina, Apr 2021)

We have male and female Shoot Producers

Due to scheduling, you may work with a male or a female Shoot Producer, but we guarantee they will be professional, personable, passionate about making an awesome shoot, while respecting the enormous bravery it takes to model nude.

“I had a concern: Shooting with a male Shoot Producer!! I wasn’t used to that and I was worried about his professionalism, especially at 1:1. I was nervous! But it was fine and I was so comfortable! ” (Lucy Q, Apr 2022)

“I was worried about the shoot producer being a male but that was no problem at all. I didn’t feel masculinity during the shoot… He [Shoot Producer Hermann] was so professional.” (Flo, Mar 2021)

Hermann [Shoot Producer] was a perfect combination laid-back and professional at the same time… Trademark.” (Justina, Mar 2021)

Campervan Girls - artistic and erotic nude modelling

It’s fun

Nude modelling is heaps of fun – we know, because many of us who work at have been models ourselves! While it’s hard work, we know you’ll find it satisfying working alongside young, dynamic, creative people.

The switch between being porn performers and also being humans and having a nice time together. There was a lot of laughter! Which is nice in this time of pandemic where you don’t get to hang out with many people and you don’t get to spend time in groups. I really liked this part. It felt like friends hanging out, not like a professional work setting.” (Flo, Apr 2021)

“I read the info on the site, but I thought it wouldn’t be that fun. I had fun on the shoot all of the days. It is really good and I felt appreciated. I am glad I did it. I can’t wait for the next one!” (Teodora, Jun 2020)