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A little bit about us

“ is one of the best known, most popular, highly regarded, highly rated, highly respected and most ethical erotic websites in the world today.”


“I just say that is an erotic video for a company managed by women, It is not like mainstream porn. It has certain types of decorations and specific colors and requirements for natural girls… Like no makeup. This is to show how sexuality really is for women!” (Lissa W, Apr 2022)

“If someone wants to apply I would say:
You feel very taken care of. The atmosphere is great and I would recommend it to anyone who asked me. I would also say that it is not like the usual porn shoots, it is not like mainstream porn. I’d tell them to prepare for a different type of experience, in a positive way. It takes more time but you connect on a personal level. It is not just about the sexual part. I was worried about how personal it would be… I didn’t want to share my nationality and things like this but I talked about it with the Shoot Producer Giulia, so we set boundaries, I could choose to keep some things private.” (Anna X, Apr 2022)

In a nutshell is the model-recruitment department of, which was founded in October 2000, with a vision to present women as they are in the real world, not dressed or behaving like porn stars. 

“Usually photographers want me to play something else, they don’t care who I am. Giulia [Shoot Producer] told me not to say anything that wasn’t true. It wasn’t just about my body, like a piece of meat. It was about me as a person. I am so impressed. I am so happy you’d like to continue shooting with me! 😍😍😍” (Madison A, Jul 2022)

Rather than present our models to be “male fantasies”, we prefer show people as they really are. Most people think this is WAY more sexy than the alternatives out there, and that’s why so many models love working with us! 

We call it “human friendly porn”.

“People wanting to hear about me a lot, this is not something that we don’t get used to in the industry. I really enjoyed it. It made me feel really good. People getting excited about who I am, not just what I am, it is not all about my look. It is Me!” (Ophelia D, Jan 2021)

Nude modelling, high paying photographic studio is a responsible corporate citizen. We make monthly donations to charities, we purchase green energy, we drive fuel efficient cars, and most staff cycle to work (or catch public transport). We look after our staff and models, and plan to be around long into the future.

“This is really empowering 💪. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. If you want to do it, do it! Don’t let your fears hold you back.” (Myra, Jan 2021)

Reputation is one of the best known, most popular, highly regarded, highly rated, highly respected, and most ethical erotic websites in the world today. We are consistently rated in the top 3 in global reviews.

There are plenty of dodgy people and companies out there doing what we do. Some of them use photographers more interested in hitting on models than in taking good pictures. They are unprofessional amateurs, offering low pay rates.

“Honestly, I was just worried that this was a scam or something. A lot of girls on different platforms become victims of scams. You guys have always been so professional and super straightforward. The longer the process went on, the more I knew this was legit.” (Alonya, Oct 2021)

Nude modelling, high paying photographic studio
Nude modelling, high paying photographic studio

Ethical and informed

“I felt Literally thoroughly prepared! I’ve never worked with a company that is so thorough with double-checking and triple-checking. I had literally everything I needed.” (Sascha, Feb 2020) models are always informed in detail about the work before committing to anything. We’re never vague about payment, posing levels or the scope of the work. We provide the contracts weeks before the shoot, to allow you time to think about it and ask questions.

“I have to say I’ve never seen a porn production company give so much information right off the bat, it’s really informative 😀” (A prospective model considering applying, Feb 2022)

More and more of our models are telling their families, friends and workmates about their work for, loud and proud – because we’re an Employer of Choice.

Some of our shoots involve sexual contact, so we require all models participating in those shoots to be tested for STD’s. We only shoot models who have government issued proof-of-age and are over 18 (You’ll need to bring your ID to each shoot).

Models retain total control over the shoot, and can change the direction whenever they wish, and are paid amongst the highest rates in the world.

“There’s a rigorous process you go through. You guys give a lot of information. I couldn’t have had more knowledge! You guys did a great job.” (Wendy T, Feb 2022)

Continous improvement has a continuous improvement policy – not just our technical image quality, but the ways we engage with models, manage shoots, work as a team, edit shoots, and run the website. We’ve been doing this – and improving upon it – for 22 years. That means you can be assured of having a safe, fun, professional and well-paid experience with us.

Our professional Shoot Producers work consistently to produce the best shoots they possibly can, creatively and technically, because there there’s a lot of satisfaction in seeing a good job done well.

“I had a very good experience shooting with you guys. I have shot with other companies and nobody else has followed up about improving their business model and how they do things. I feel happy and glad that I got to say these things to you. I hope that in the future we can work together!” (Olive G, June 2020)

Nude modelling, high paying photographic studio


Our customers love us with a passion! Our website has tens of thousands of customers, who join because we’re an alternative to the mainstream stuff out there. Many members stay subscribed when they learn about the way we treat models ethically and run the site morally.

“About the shooting, some of my friends who have shot with you said the shooting concept is weird… I didn’t find anything weird! It was natural and I could be myself!” (Madison A, Jul 2022)


All staff enjoy excellent pay, receive extensive and ongoing training both on their technical area of expertise, professionalism, and strong leadership, helping staff realise their own goals, ensuring creative and professional shoots.

Some of our Shoot Producers are ex-models, and we’re always looking for new staff as well.

“All of the people I have encountered so far have been top-notch. This isn’t anyone’s first rodeo. That made me feel more secure.” (Oshun, May 2022)

“The Shoot Producer Guilia has a nice personality, fun, caring. She wanted to make sure I was okay at all times. She was constantly checking on me. Asking if I was okay, if I was having fun, if I was hungry, thirsty, needed a break… Like a best friend and Mum and assistant, all rolled into one!” (Sascha, Feb 2020)


Some of our competition offer only exclusive contracts, meaning even if they offer you no work, you cannot work for anyone else – we don’t do anything like that at! Our modeling contracts are written in plain English, and are short, to the point, and non-exclusive. This means that you can model with us, and model with other companies at the same time, if you wish.

You are paid fairly and reliably

In fact, we pay our models more than any other company in the industry! Models are paid the agreed amount the day after the shoot by bank transfer, without exception. We have never once missed making a model payment in 22 years of operation. We advise models to consult their preferred accounting professional on how best to manage taxes.

If you refer other models to us, we pay €100 for each model you refer that we shoot.

“I liked it more than I expected! I want to make another shoot with abbywinters! Never in my life have I made this kind of shoot. It was a really nice experience for me. And I got some money 💰💰. It is perfect! ” (April C, Aug 2022)

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