You can imagine what I am worried about if I do a shoot with you?

We’ve all seen the movie Taken, heard of horror stories, or been warned by our family or friends on the dangers of being involved in adult entertainment. It’s a little awkward, but let’s face this head-on 😬.

First, we aren’t a group of shady guys in a basement trying to trick you into coming over. We’re a professional business, motivated by making profit while being socially responsible. For 23 years, we’ve registered our business, paid our taxes, complied with local and national laws, and run our business ethically (see also, How do I know you’re legit?). Of course, just running a legit business well doesn’t mean that we are good people, so here’s how you can know you’ll be safe.

Our staff and contractors would not work with us if we did any less than follow these two basic principles:

  • Model’s safety is always our highest priority
  • We want models to refer their friends to us
    • Models will only do that if they liked working with us
    • Check our Testimonials from models

We want to keep running our business for another 23 years. The best way to do that is to treat people – not just models, but everyone! – with integrity and respect

For the nerds 🤓, we ask models to complete a survey after their shoot. Here are the results for one of the questions we ask (Where 1 is “Strongly Disagree” and 5 is “Strongly Agree”):

But still, there are probably some things you’re concerned about: Your limits not being respected, being raped, human trafficking, being murdered. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Concerned about my limits not being respected

A concern could be that our Shoot Producers won’t respect your limits – you could imagine being pushed further and further sexually, and perhaps being threatened if you say “No”.

That has never happened, and will never happen on a shoot with us.

We value less-revealing shoots just as much as more-revealing shoots. There’s no incentive for anyone in our company to make a more-revealing shoot. We encourage models to set limits for themselves, and share them to us, so we can design a shoot that works for everyone.

When we book a shoot with you, we tell you about the shoot options, you choose what you prefer, we book that in, and send a confirmation email. Our Shoot Producer plans for that, and re-confirms with you on the morning of the shoot day – along with a recap description of what activities the shoot day will involve. We encourage you to bring that confirmation email in on the shoot day to compare it to what the Shoot Producer says.

Occasionally, the “Posing Level” (more info) can change during a shoot. For example, the model decides she likes what she’s doing and wants to go up to a more-revealing level. The Shoot Producer may choose to proceed, or not (they may not be prepared, or have time). Or perhaps the model feels her period coming on, and would feel more comfortable with a lower Posing Level? No problem (What happens if you get your period on a shoot).

At any time in a shoot, you can refuse a pose or activity and the Shoot Producer will move on to the next thing. To be paid you need to complete a full shoot, but you can “downgrade” the Posing Level at any time. You’re also free to leave the set at any time, cancelling the shoot. In that case, we’d delete all media we had captured, and you’d not be paid.

After your first shoot, we may offer more “explicit” or sexual shoots to you. For example, most models start with a Solo shoot. Later, we may offer shoots with other women involving sexual contact. There’s a lot of preparation for these shoots, including STI tests and questionnaires to help us match up models – it’s never decided on a shoot day. We’ll provide detailed info about how those shoot day works (more info about our Girl Girl shoots).

In 23 years of operation, we’ve made around 6,000 shoots of around 2,000 models, and we’ve never once had a model leave the set in the middle of a shoot.

That’s because we plan a shoot with you, then shoot that plan – and we stay flexible. It’s how we roll.

Concerned about being raped on a shoot

Rape can seem like a realistic scenario – you’re going to be working in a sexualised context, with a person you barely know, possibly in a city distant from your home. 

While it should not matter, many of our Shoot Producers are women, and some have been models themselves (for our site, and others). Incidentally, our most senior employee in the company was once a model for us, and now directs many of the company’s activities #womenincharge. Several former models work in other roles in the business (more info on working with us in other roles).

The men we work with consider rape as terrible as their sisters, mothers and daughters do.

None of the amazing people we work with every day would work with us if raping models was something we allowed or ignored (in fact, any physical contact with a model is strictly prohibited, apart from a “good morning, nice to meet you!” handshake). More info on touching.

All of the people in our business are professionals who take pride in their work and work ethic, and plan to work with us for years in the future – as we do with them. Some have been with us for 10+ years.

Here are some things we do to ensure model safety:

  • Police checks of all Shoot Producers
    • Specifically, checks for any forms of violence
    • We only work with Shoot Producers who have no such criminal history
  • Strict rules and training for Shoot Producers
  • Check-in calls with models after their first, and some subsequent shoots
  • Procedures in place, if a model reports being treated inappropriately on a shoot
  • A senior company employee available 24/7 in every timezone, available for consulting and advice

Over the last 23 years, we’ve made shoots with around 2,000 models. No model has ever been raped or assaulted on any shoot, and we commit to you it will never happen.

Being human-trafficked

Human Trafficking is a huge problem in the world today. Like you, we think it’s terrible, and we do our small part to help it end.

While superficially our offer of work to you is similar to scenarios related to human trafficking (for example, you mention to someone, “They’re flying me to Europe and I’m doing some sexy shoots!”, they’re gonna freak out! 😲), we hope it’s clear by now that the way we work is quite different.

So when sharing with others, be sure to also add these points; 

  • We don’t charge you for working with us
  • We pay for your return flights in your name, and give you the flight info before you leave home
  • We ensure you get private accommodation
  • We don’t target immigrants, homeless people, runaways, underage, mentally disabled, or people with poor language skills
    • In fact, we have several processes to filter out at-risk people, and those who do not seem to be making decisions on their own
  • We encourage you to ask questions at all stages of the process, and we’ll always answer them honestly
    • You’ll find our answers to be consistent with our FAQ’s and other info we provide
  • We provide a lot of information up-front
  • We provide many real testimonials from other models we’ve worked with
    • You can speak with some before you work with us, if you wish – and with Shoot Producers
  • We’re open with our business registration numbers, registered address, and phone numbers
  • We’ll never take your ID from you
    • We photograph it on shoots, but we’ll always do that in front of you
  • We encourage you to share your Shoot Producer’s details and address of the shoot location with a friend

As for all of the terrible scenarios listed on this page, we consider human trafficking reprehensible. And it’s against our own interests – we want you to come back to work with us many times in the future, refer your friends to us, and add to our Testimonials page!

Human trafficking is an awful crime and we can guarantee you this will never occur in relation to an shoot.

I’m worried about being murdered

We’re not involved in killing people.

Not only is the act morally repugnant, it’s against our interests. We want our models to go back home and tell their friends about what a great time they had with us, and encourage their friends to work with us as well! 

And if you enjoy your experience with us, we’d love to work with you over the following months and years. Good models are hard to find!


That’s pretty much it for “worst case scenarios”. You might also be concerned about other things, covered in these FAQ’s:   

If you have questions not covered here, you can always email the Owner directly on (be sure to check your spam folder for a response, sometimes our emails end up there 😥).

Your mum

Maybe you’ve spoken to your parents or other trusted person about working with us, and they’re concerned? We’re always ok with that, and in several cases we have spoken to prospective models parents and partners to discuss the nature and scope of the work. 

We’ve got nothing to hide, and we’re happy to chat with whoever you like (but, we’ll only ever tell them the truth).