What is a “Shoot Producer”?

A Shoot Producer is an expert photographer & videographer, who’s completed extensive training with us to make shoots that meet our customers’ needs.

“She [Shoot Producer Giulia] brought a lot of energy with her, and she made a lot of jokes and she is always smiling. She takes a lot of small breaks to check that everything is okay…I felt like I was there with a friend that I already know. I didn’t expect it to be that nice!

She is a professional because she knows how to manage the situation. I think she could tell that I was less energetic at the end than I was at the beginning and she helped me get more energy at the end of the day.” (Alice S, Sep 2021)

“It felt natural and friendly and respectful. I felt that he [Shoot Producer Brad] knew what he was doing based on his behavior. He was knowledgeable, trustworthy, and had things under-control.” (Lisette, Aug 2021)

Shoot Producers have their own camera and lighting equipment and locations to make shoots in. For Solo model shoots (usually the first shoot any model does with us), Shoot Producers work alone with the model.

We have Shoot Producers in many cities around the world (you can see the full list on the Apply page), with a few more being added each year. After a model has decided to work with us, we’ll introduce her to her geographically closest Shoot Producer.

Shoot Producers are contractors for us – when they make a shoot, they invoice us for the work they have done. We pay models directly for their work (by electronic funds transfer, the day after the shoot).

“We talked a lot about the shoot but I didn’t know, obviously, but Hermann was really helpful and understanding and he explained everything to me really well and told me how to do the posing and he was really helpful and made me feel good.” (Sena, Sep 2021)

You can see how we recruit new Shoot Producers, and how we train Shoot Producers.