What is the “National Blackout” Option?

We don’t want models stressing over work they’re otherwise proud of, so we offer a one-time National Blackout Option.

This means, if you suddenly find yourself nervous about your work with us for any reason — you don’t even have to tell us what the reason is — we will block all of your shoots in your home country (or, any one country you choose) for a period of three months from the date of your request. 😌


  • It’s blocked in one country only
  • Only available after your first shoot has been online for at least six months; and
  • You can only use this “panic button” once

The blocking method we use is statistically around 98.5% effective.

We encourage you to ask our Model Liaisons to share stories of what has happened to models who have been found out. Interestingly, even if being discovered felt like a catastrophe at the moment it happened, most models later regarded it as a blessing in disguise that helped them lead a more authentic life (or at least as a mixed blessing — far better than the disaster they had unnecessarily feared). 😬

Here’s the story of a model who became a Shoot Producer with us, and the stigma she faced, and triumphed over. And here’s an interview with a model of ours who was “found out”, and faced oppression from her family and acquaintances (in Dutch, Google Translate helps). Her story is positive and inspiring.