What is it like on a shoot?

On our site for our existing models, models.abbywinters.com, we have a super-detailed description of each aspect of a typical shoot day (every day is a little different of course, but this is what all of them have in common).

Here are some things models have said after their first shoot with us.

“It was smooth. It was easier than I thought in a lot of ways. It was very entertaining” (Lisette, Aug 2021).

“I was nervous about the fact it said this would take 9 hours – keeping my energy up for that amount of time I thought would be really hard but Guilia [Shoot Producer] was so motivated and her energy was there the whole way through that I never felt like ‘oh know now we have this thing to do’, day flew by – felt much quicker than I thought it would be”.

[Asked how the shoot day differed from what she expected] “A lot quicker, I was expecting it to be 9 hours of feeling a little uncomfortable as I held difficult poses for a really long time but it was nothing like this – a lot easier!” (Zina B, Nov 2018).

“Working with Brad [Shoot Producer] was just like being himself, he makes you feel really comfortable and is not bossy or in your face, saying you are doing things wrong, he gives you space” (Jayla, Oct 2018).

“Great, the shoot went really well. It went faster than we thought, Ursula [Shoot Producer] gave me a heads up that it would be a long shoot day so I was expecting it to be 8 hours or so but I think we did it in 5. Also, it was so much fun that the time really flew by for me, I didn’t notice how long it was at all!”

[Asked if she felt she could suggest ideas during the shoot] “Oh yes! So we worked together and were sharing ideas all the way through, I think this might be why the day went faster and was more interesting. We started doing yoga and Ursula also does yoga like me so we were both thinking of ways to improve the poses and what we would be doing next. Two heads are better than one” (Zhen, Sep 2018).

[Asked about her Shoot Producer, Elvaar] “He just made me feel very comfortable and helped me with his direction so I knew what to do” (Tilly B, Sep 2018).

“My Shoot Producer was Hermann, He is a guy so I was a little sceptical but he was really professional. Was more relaxed than I expected. hehehe He had to keep telling me to close my legs! Maybe next time we need to do the higher levels ;) He is very very respectful and takes his job seriously. You don’t feel he is looking at you in a weird way at any time, and this is really really important, especially for beginners”

“The location of the shoot was beautiful! A great apartment on AirBNB that was not too far from where I was staying. I asked to use bedroom but he explained to me we could do more on the couch and he was right. It was a lovely space” (Fernanda, Aug 2018).

[Asked how the shoot day differed from what she expected] “My biggest surprise was how collaborative it was, I didn’t expect to be coming up with ideas but that was the fun part! I got really eager on how we do show the next thing. It was great my personality was taken into account so much” (Elin, Aug 2018).