What is a “Model Liaison”?

A Model Liaison is a member of our organisation who works with models. For example;

  • The New Applications Model Liaison works with models who apply from here and helps them get “onboarded”
  • The Booking Model Liaison works with models to book their shoots
  • The Girl-Boy Model Liaison works with models to prepare them for making a girl-boy shoot with their real-life partner (more info)

“The girl who prepared my flight was really good. Leena [Model Liaison] really listened to all of my preferences and my wishes and she did as I asked” (Junie, Aug 2021).

We have a bunch of other Model Liaisons in the department, and several Model Liaisons have been models themselves – so they get where you are coming from (they’re also all female, btw). Most Model Liaisons are “cross-trained”, meaning they can perform several tasks in our business (or at the least, are familiar with each other’s roles) 💯.

“It is literally the most unique shoot I’ve ever booked. It is very personable and you share your personality…But it is also the most professional shoot I’ve ever worked on. You have Model Liaisons checking on you constantly…I wish more companies operated like this!” (Melody Y, Nov 2021).

All our Model Liaisons are experienced and professional and there to help at any time (we have 24-7 coverage for urgent issues; EU Business hours for non-urgent stuff). We’re happy to talk on the phone, do a video call, WhatsApp, or just email about any concerns you have, so don’t hesitate to reach out (well, check the FAQs first! 😅).

“The phone calls helped me leading up to the shoot helped me feel like I knew what was going on” (Jacklyn, Nov 2021).