What if I need to travel for my shoot – will you pay? 🚁

Yes, we pay for your flights and accommodation.

Check out Alexandra’s blog post on her experience on travelling to a shoot with us.

If you need to travel to a different city for your shoot, we’ll book and pay for flights (train, bus, etc). If you need to travel within a city for a shoot, we don’t pay for travel. For example:

Jane lives in London, UK, and has a shoot in Barcelona, Spain. The company will pay for a return airfare to Barcelona.

Mary lives in California, in Los Angeles. Her Shoot Producer is also based in LA. Mary drives 20 miles to get to the location for the shoot. The company does not pay gas (petrol) money for this.

If you need to stay overnight for the shoot in that city, or two nights, we’ll pay for accommodation. Typically, this will also be the shoot location – we often use AirBNB for this.

“It was a little Airbnb apartment. It had one bedroom and a big living room. It was a super good place and it was in a residential area so there wasn’t a lot of traffic. There were a lot of good spots to shoot around the place, so I didn’t feel stuck in one spot” (Jacklyn, Nov 2021).

After the shooting trip – if it’s in a city other than your home city – you can also claim a Transfer Allowance, an amount of money for each shoot day you’re in a different city, plus an amount to and from the transport hub (eg, airport, central train station) in your Home City. More info (this page is aimed at our existing models).

“[It was] a perfect location, perfect apartment, perfect everything… Just that it was a perfect experience. I am proud of myself for doing it! It was in another country, I was by myself… I didn’t get lost!” (Alice S, Sep 2021).

[About the shoot location] “It was beautiful! I wanted to live there my whole life. I was shocked… I was like, how could they afford this? I was so shocked! I wanted to touch everything, but I didn’t touch anything…” (Sena, Sep 2021).