What if I am on my period?

Reschedule the shoot, it’s no problem

You can always reschedule any booked shoot to be at a time you’re more comfortable with, for any reason.

Or for no reason.

Use some special “tools”, it’s no problem

Consider using a Moon Cup, or Period sponge.

Hide the tampon string, it’s no problem

Some of our shoot types and posing levels (that is, how revealing you choose to be in a shoot) are such that your vagina is not involved. 🤯 That means you could be wearing a tampon, and no one would know (of course, only if you felt comfortable doing the shoot anyway). You could cut the string, or just tuck it up a bit.

Well, maybe best to let your Shoot Producer know, so they can be sure to keep any signs hidden! 😉

Show the tampon string, it’s no problem

It’s never a problem for us to do a shoot with a tampon in, even if we can see the string! We’d ask you to use a fresh tampon before the shoot begins. Sample image below.

Our customers enjoy this feminine area being de-mystified, and we might ask you to explain how it works on-camera (as always, only if you feel comfortable to).

I think it’s a great thing AW is doing, this is a natural part of life and many women feel like sex more during this time, so it’s only fitting that AWs should do some shoots that include a woman on her period when she is feeling more sexually active, I also think it’s good to promote this to men and women. (Alex K, Apr 2013)


Be period-proud, it’s no problem

Despite the discomfort and hassle, we reckon that menstruation is a beautiful and natural thing (a period emoji was released in 2019, but it’s a bit lame🩸, more info).

We have made several shoots where the model’s period is a feature of the shoot. For example, she demonstrates how several management techniques work (tampons, pads, moon cup…). Some blood is visible. Our customers are fascinated to learn how this stuff works, and some models are excited to share on such a “taboo” topic.

When you apply, you can ask for examples of those shoots – or check them out now.

Or maybe that’s all a little too much for you? Any of these scenarios are no problem for us! 😃

ABOVE: Model Cresea was comfortable to make her shoot with the tampon string visible throughout.