What are you looking for, exactly?

People we accept must:

  • Be female (as in, assigned female at birth);
  • Be attractive and feminine;
  • Speak English well;
  • Be genuinely enthusiastic about our project;
  • Not have breast implants.

The above are “hard” requirements. If you do not meet on them, we cannot work with you.

However, some are subjective (meaning, opinions differ), and we tend to be pretty flexible. For example, we’re not only seeking people with an “ideal” dress size – a bit over or under is fine. How much precisely depends on several factors, but you should apply and we can discuss it.

We prefer people we work with:

  • Be 18 to 25 years old;
  • Have no, or minimal tattoos;
  • Have removable piercings;
  • Be height-weight proportionate;
  • Have full pubic hair;
  • Have underarm hair;
  • Have no previous experience adult modelling.

The above greatly increase the chance we can offer you work.