Isn’t it a drag for you guys to work with newbie models all the time?

(We get asked this question sometimes, as we do prefer working with “first time” nude models).

No, it’s not a drag! In fact, we enjoy making shoots with newbies, because they sometimes come with preconceived notions of what happens on nude shoots, and it’s a great opportunity for us to confound their fears and help them have a fun time expressing themselves! (though, to be fair, people with more experience also enjoy our shoots too!).

“The shoot was really really nice, very professional. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I was a little scared because it was my first professional shoot. I was afraid I might feel uncomfortable, but I didn’t. It was great.” (Anabelle, Feb 2020)

Newbies are like moldable clay, they take direction well and come up with unique ideas to make a shoot better, thinking outside the box.

“It was better than I expected! It was a very comfortable and safe space. I had fun!” (Clara M, Aug 2021)

Of course, more experienced models are fun as well – there’s less time spent on making sure they’re comfortable and walking through the standard stuff, which leaves more time to spend on the shoot itself. Really, total-newbie or old-hand, it’s all good!

Shoot Producer Brad in Los Angeles USA says: “I appreciate the authenticity that new models bring to their performance, and their excitement about doing something new different, and daring can bring a lot of energy to a shoot”.

“Thorough, very thorough, she [Shoot Producer Giulia] is patient, she was very patient with me as I know it is a total drag for a photographer to work with newbies, it is just the worst thing ever [it’s really not! – Ed.]. She was very patient with me she explained a lot about

I felt like she really respected my choices, she told me that it might look like she is in a hurry but it is just how she is, she is not someone who is still during a shoot so during break she was, texting and she was making me lunch and she was setting up the lights but I felt really relaxed there. I asked her if I can help but she said ‘oh no no please just sit still for 30 minutes’ and I was like yeah, ok!” (Lotte L, Feb 2019)