Is this ongoing work?

This is not employment

First we should be clear, this is not an employment situation (that is, you’re not required to work on certain days, for certain hours, and there are no benefits normally associated with employment, such as medical insurance, holidays, illness leave, or similar).

We do have employees, several of whom have been models (in fact, our most senior employee was once a model with us!), but they work organising shoots and in other areas of the business, not as models now. More info on our non-model employment opportunities.

Working with us as a model is a Contractor relationship. Once we decide that we’d like to work together, we’ll let you know we have a shoot we’d like you to appear in (and, you can let us know when you’d like to do a shoot). Then, we work together to make that shoot happen, and we pay you for appearing in that shoot.

Ongoing shoot work

For most models we work with, we’ll organise between five and 15 shoots over the following few years (but just once, or more than that is also possible). So, it’s ongoing work in that sense.

But, there’s no contractual requirement for us to offer you shoots, or to shoot you when you ask for it: we both have to agree it’s something we want. You’re free to make shoots with other companies, as well.