Is it ALL nude? What clothes do I wear?

All our shoots start with the model clothed to “set the scene”. Over the course of the shoot, she gets naked.

Models have told us they find this a bit more comfortable than a photographer saying, “Ok, get nude now!” at the start of the shoot, which certainly makes sense. But it also allows our customers to share the journey of seeing models clothed, in their underwear, and finally nude. The undressing is a big part of our shoots, and we’re well known for making this sequence interesting for customers and models.

“I prepared all the clothes and the props… It was good. I think you did everything perfectly. I think I was well-prepared and knew what to expect. There’s nothing more you could have done better.” (Anna X, Apr 2022)

But don’t worry, you don’t have to perform a strip-tease show, it’s much more casual than that.

You’ll wear your own clothes in the shoot, and we ask you to bring a range of colorful form-fitting items so the Shoot Producer has options to choose from.🩱👕🎀👗👙👚👘

“The clothing was not so vulgar, it was very girly. Like I wear all the time! Other shoots have a lot of heavy makeup and slutty clothing.” (Senja, May 2021)