I want to do several shoots, how does that work?

We often make several shoots with each model (the average is five shoots, but some have done 20, and others only one). Of course, there’s no obligation to appear in more than one shoot, but most models have a great time on their first shoot and are keen for more. 😁

“I really want to do all of the shoots. I want to work for you as long as possible. I want to be needed as long as possible. I want to try different types of shoots!” (Elza, Jan 2021)

Usually, we’d organise your first shoot, then wait a few weeks for you to think about how it was for you, and for us to check how it looks. Then, we may be back in contact to offer you some other types of shoots – we have a bunch of them. Each has a different rate of pay and expectations, and some have “prerequisites” (that is, we need you to appear on Shoot type B, before you can appear in Shoot type C).

The typical route is as follows:

Solo: Your first shoot is of you, alone. We sometimes ask you to do more Solo shoots (typically up to three, spread over 12 months).

Masturbating with another model: Just you guys in a room masturbating (the Shoot Producer sets it up, then leaves you to it). Can be a bit weird, but in a good way! Shot for video only.

Sexy playing with another model: We sometimes make “Guest Direction” shoots, where an experienced model (the Guest Director) is paired with a less-experienced model (you), and gives sexualised “challenges” to her (for example, I wonder if we can make all our nipples touch, without using our hands?). There’s no body-fluid interaction in these shoots (no kissing or oral sex). Shot for video only. We limit these shoots to one per model.

Girl-girl sex shoot: Full sex with another female model, oral sex, fingers inside, the whole deal. Models can appear in several of these shoots.

Girl-Boy shoot: You and your real-life male partner have sex, and we film it (and separately take pictures). Models can appear in one of these (per boyfriend 😉).

For each of these shoots, we offer them to models who do a good job, are easy to work with, communicate well, are enthusiastic about making great shoots, and meet our “paradigm” requirements. And of course, only if you want to do more shoots – there’s no obligation.

Where possible, we’ll book you in to do several shoot types in the same week (this is especially the case if you’re traveling to a Shoot Producer).

On our site for existing models, we have a FAQ, How can I do more shoots in the future? This describes in more detail the considerations we make before offering models more shoots.