I have a name I’d like to use on your site, is that ok?

Using your legal real name

We generally do not permit models to use their legal real name when appearing on our site.

Perhaps you are comfortable telling everyone about the work you’re doing for with us (awesome! 🤩), but having your nude shoot appear when your name is typed into Google by your employer is probably a complication you can live without (and the trouble this has caused in the past is why we no longer allow it).

Selecting a pseudonym

So, we select a pseudonym (“fake name”) for models who appear on our site. We have moderately strict brand guidelines for selecting that name (we select names based on your ethnicity and birth year).

Every model must have a unique name on our site – we cannot have exact duplicates. For example:

  • We could have models named Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Caitlin, and Caitlyn
  • We sometimes add “surname initials”, for example, Kaitlin R, Kaitlin E

Models are informed of the assigned site-name several weeks before their first booked shoot, and can ask to have it changed at that time (but not later!) – for example, if the selected name felt “weird” or inappropriate connotations (sister’s name; bully at school, etc).

What if I already have an established performing name?

Some people have an established name they perform under, and prefer to use that when working with us, to maintain their own brand – fair enough!

Models may be able to use their established name, or more likely, a modified version of it. For example;

  • “Mistress Kaitlin” is your established performing name, we could use “Kaitlin” (or, if we already had a “Kaitlin”, we would add a surname initial, for example, “Kaitlin R”)
  • “Kaitlin Christenson” is your established performing name, we could use “Kaitlin C” on our site (again, assuming we did not already have a “Kaitlin C”)
  • “K8lin” is your established performing name, we might use “Kaitlin E” on our site.
  • “cumbunny69” is your established performing name, we might use “Penny L” on our site.

If not using your exact established performing name is a “deal breaker” for you (after the possible variations described above), let us know early in the application process, so we can consider it – we may be able to come to a compromise that suits us both.

If we’re not able to reach agreement, we should not waste each others’ time going further.