How do I know you won’t just sell the test shots I sent you, and not pay me?

“Test Shots” are topless images you send us of yourself towards the end of the application process, so we can see what you look like – we need them to decide if you’re suitable for our site (see the FAQ, What are you looking for, exactly?).

Our business is based on making professional shoots of amateur models – we’ve been doing it for over 23 years now – and you can see the kind of images we make around this site (and on itself), and we think you’ll admit, they are not really the kind of thing an amateur model can make on her own (but if you can, please enquire about working with us as a Shoot Producer!).

Perhaps there is a market for test shots elsewhere, but that’s not the business we’re in. We keep test shots encrypted and safe from anyone who does not have a clear and present need to access them. We always operate legally and ethically. We do not ask you to sign a Release (modelling contract) for those images, so we’re prohibited from selling or using them anywhere anyway.

Finally, we stick to our Model Privacy Policy, which describes what we do with the information and images we gather from and about you.