How do I know I’ll feel safe on a shoot?

Before they start working with us, every Shoot Producer completes a “Police check”, so we’re aware of their criminal history. We refuse to work with people who have a criminal history of abuse or violence (and, we don’t work with those who refuse a background check!).

“A few companies have reached out about professional modeling. I had some apprehension when you reached out, but after doing some research and learning more about AW, it eased a lot of my worries. You guys are so focused on making sure that the girls are comfortable and feel safe and you would never put them in danger.” (Sasha B, May 2021)

We provide extensive training to Shoot Producers, around 80 hours spread over six months, which includes extensive sections on working with models. We have a full-time Trainer who works with and visits our Shoot Producers all over the world, and improves their shoot quality.

[About Grooming check] “It was also very easy and smooth. No concerns and nothing wrong. I took off my clothes and did a turn. It was very quick!” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).

We call models after their shoots, and ask about their experience with their Shoot Producer (check out what they have said on our Testimonials page), and after every shoot, models are invited to complete a survey about their experience working with us (we consistently get excellent assessments from all models), and are also invited to email any feedback they have to the Owner of the company.

Working with a Shoot Producer. Somebody seeing me naked… Just the nervousness about that first encounter. What it would be like, how the sexual experience would be treated…The nervousness washed away when I saw Brad’s professionalism. It was much more fun and I understand it more deeply now” (Lisette, Aug 2021).

When your shoot is booked, we’ll let you know the address a few days before the Shoot Day itself, and you can share that with anyone you want (but not publically, please!).

(this answer forms part of our Models Charter, which we recommend you read)