How do I ensure I have the best chance of being chosen for a shoot?

We get a lot of models applying for work at, and we’re not able to offer work to everyone. We only shoot models who fit our “paradigm” requirements so to increase your chance of being chosen, follow these tips:

  • Be healthy and happy!
  • Be height-weight proportionate
  • Be well-groomed – no bruises, scratches, or bites (scars are fine)
  • Be on time and behave professionally
  • Remove all face and body piercings for the shoot
  • Remove all makeup for the shoot
  • Have lots of pubic hair – we place a high priority on shooting models who have full, natural pubic hair.

That’s not to say that candidates who don’t match this perfectly are automatically rejected – we’re always flexible.

“Probably the hardest part was just applying because it was the first shoot I had done in three or four years. The pressure I had in my own mind when I first applied… The grooming photos… When I first applied I wasn’t sure if I would get selected, so I was making sure I got the angle right and making my boyfriend take the pictures again just to make sure I got it exactly right…After that, the clothing was easy to find, the apartment was easy to find, scheduling was fine. The shoot was great. Even Leena [Model Liaison] was messaging me on the day of the shoot and everyone was really attentive.” (Sascha, Feb 2020)