How are you different to other production companies?

A lot of models comment that we’re different from other adult website production companies (usually in a good way! 😇). Here are some of the things you might find unusual when working with us;

  • We’re humans first
    • That means, before “making a product” or “meeting a deadline”, we care for each other.
    • While that certainly applies to working with models, it also applies to how we work with our customers, and our staff and contractors too.
  • We’re more comprehensive in our approach
    • We don’t do things “quick and dirty”, we believe careful planning will mean we can make an excellent shoot that our customers will love.
    • That means, we need to interact with models a lot before the shoot so we understand their preferences, and to help models learn what we need on the shoot day.

“Probably the hardest part was the onboarding process. It is rigorous but I understand. You have to have quality control when you’re working with people from the other side of the world. That was understandable.” (Wendy T, Feb 2022)

“As far as actually shooting, I was nervous. But it was unexpected that it was so light and so easy! I was used to more complicated tasks and rushed shooting, you know? For this one, I wasn’t prepared! It was so cool and so nice.” (Candice D, Jan 2021)

  • We’re all about informed consent
    • That means, we think it’s important models understand exactly what they’re doing (even if they think it’s “obvious”), and what the repercussions might be
    • We take time to understand and answer models’ questions, and we provide ample information up-front, during and after shoots

“I felt pretty well-prepared for the shooting. It was my first shoot like that, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to… But I thought it was good. I didn’t feel like I didn’t know anything. You did a good job of telling me and asking me what would happen.” (Jullie, Jul 2020)

  • We don’t judge
    • We’re open to learning more about the range of human sexuality – we all find it fascinating 🧐
    • We always listen to learn more

It was a lot less pressure than I thought it would be. I know it is porn but… It was so relaxed and laid-back.” (Aiyana, Jun 2021)

  • We make material for a small, devoted customer base
    • We aim to “subvert the dominant paradigm” of porn, showing an alternative – that young women wearing casual clothes talking about casual things with no makeup and a relaxed approach is sexy as hell
    • There’s a lot of porn out there, but ours is easily recognised as different (and good – award-winning!)

“I have worked a lot in the industry before and I have never done anything like this before. It was different because I didn’t have any makeup at all! It felt like real life. The room was very similar to mine. It felt like home!” (Senja, May 2021)

  • We know that training people is important
    • Everyone who works with us as a Contractor or employee undergoes extensive training (Shoot Producers most of all, for example)
    • This covers technical aspects, as well as our brand and style… but also working professionally with models, data security, and our business systems.

“He was very positive! He seemed like a fun guy and he wanted it to be a fun experience, but without it being inappropriate or uncomfortable.” (Sasha B, May 2021)

  • We believe in quality over quantity
    • For example, our shoots take a full day… for one shoot
    • That means we make fewer shoots per week than some other companies, but we pay more for them (and most models are invited to participate in many shoots)
I thought we’d have to get a lot more content than we did. Similar companies require a longer workday. They need so much out of you without a lot of breaks. This was easy and I wasn’t tired.” (Sera, Feb 2020)
  • We have a policy of continuous improvement
    • We ask for feedback from models, contractors, customers, and staff. When we get it, we feed it into how we can improve
    • All the information in our FAQ’s comes from staff and contractors making suggestions to answers to questions models have asked us
    • There are many quotes from models in our FAQ’s – these are all real things our models have said