Do I have to use my real name?

Well, your real name will never be made public but we need to know your real name (and make a copy of your ID so we know you’re over 18), for legal reasons.

“I would say one of the worries I had was if they would use my real name but they gave me a fake name.” (Aiyana, Jun 2021)

It’s fine to not use your real name when initially applying to work with us, but we’ll need it during our onboarding process.

In the lead-up to your first shoot, we’ll assign use a name that’s appropriate for your age and ethnicity (you get to approve it). We call this a Site Name (sometimes called a “Stage Name”, “Shoot name”, “Site name”, nom de plume, or pseudonym).

When your shoots are published, we’ll only refer to you publicly by your Site Name. For more info on names, see;

I have a name I’d like to use on your site, is that ok?