Our crew are professional, passionate, and a joy to work with


Favorite food: I like to eat almost everything but the most: sushi and the food made by my mother!
Languages: Polish, Spanish, English and  a bit Dutch
Zodiac sign: Aries
Hobby: photography, traveling
Music: Kings of Leon, Muse, Ayo, Florence and the Machine

I am with since 2011 and I would not change this job for any other. I start as a model and it was an amazing experience for me, First time in my life I got naked in front of cameras and I felt great and free since then I knew that I want to explore my sexuality more, I want to help to other women to express themselves and let them feel that same freedom as I felt.

Photography was and is my passion. Since I work in I discovered another fondness which was videography and since December 2011 I am a fully trained shooter and work as a photographer and videographer…. Multitasking woman! :) . I love this job and it is a big part of my life. It helps me to discover this parts of myself which I did not know before.

I am very positive person and every day I try to share my smile and good mood with all our models and people around me. I am really passionate about everything what I do, trying to do every daily task as good as I can.

Thanks of this job I can develop myself, explore my sexuality and my passion to photography and videography. There is also another reason why I love this job, every day I can meet different women. All this ladies share with me their sexuality and personality. Also we share with each other our little female secrets and fears, we support each other in every moment. It helps me to believe that the women world is strong and we still have a lot to prove. Being a model and working for as a photographer and videographer is a unique and invaluable experience and I would recommend this to every woman on earth.



Star sign: Leo
Food: Cake!
Music: Mumford and Sons

Maise began her carrier as a model, first coming over to work for in 2010 after one of her friends recommended the site. So far Masie has appeared in 22  shoots so she knows what it is like to step in front of the camera. After a year of modeling Masie had grown attached to the team and leaped at an opportunity to work full-time at as a model liaison, interviewing and booking models. In her role as a model liaison Masie was the first contact many models had with greeting them with her warm and chatty personality.

In 2012 Masie was welcomed on to set camera in hand, where she has put all her knowledge as a model and model liaison to good use creating interesting and beautiful shoots that really show off the models she works with. So far Masie has shot over 200 shoots injecting her own fun into each and everyone. Masie is also host to the podcast, a project she is very passionate about as it allows people to talk about sex in an everyday fun environment.

On set Masie injects fun and enthusiasm into everything and everyone she comes into contact with and she can often be found in the middle of our model lounge surrounded by raucous laughter. When not at work Masie can be found with her small dog Poppy eating sweet foods and soaking up the sun at every opportunity.