Reasons to work with us

You control what happens in a shoot

Before your shoot, you’ll meet with our experienced staff who’ll explain the shoot options to you (there is lots to choose from). You can ask questions and see examples. This is called our “Info Session” – there’s no obligation.

On the shoot itself, you’ll work with the professional Shoot Producers who will ensure you feel comfortable every step of the way. Your feedback is valuable, and always respected and acted upon. At any time in the shoot, you can change your mind – it’s no problem!

You’ll be able to see parts of the shoot as it’s being created, allowing you to control how the shoot looks.

Jude - artistic and erotic nude modelling
Gypsy - artistic and erotic nude modelling

We ensure you look fantastic

All the lighting and camera gear we use is of a professional level and of the highest quality. That means the images and video are high quality, the gear is reliable, and crew are well trained in how to use it. That’s really empowering for our crew, and ensures the highest quality shoot.

With literally the best gear out there, our models can’t help but look amazing in the final product.

You are paid fairly and reliably

In fact, we pay our models more than any other company in the industry! Models are paid the agreed amount the day after the shoot by bank transfer, without exception. We have never once missed making a model payment in 23 years of operation. We advise models to consult their preferred accounting professional on how best to manage taxes.

If you refer other models to us, we pay €100 for each model you refer that we shoot.

Hiking Girls - artistic and erotic nude modelling

Reasons for modelling nude

Holli - artistic and erotic nude modelling

We are creative professionals

We have extremely high technical and creative standards for shoots, and only select Shoot Producers to work with you who exceed these standards. Our professional crew have done many shoots, and each shoot gets carefully reviewed by their peers, so the next shoot will be even better. Crew are mentored by our Creative Director, a seasoned professional. We log each shoot’s assessment, so we can track performance over time.

Our crew are personable, and a delight to work with. We’re bombarded with feedback from models who had such a great time, they want to do it again and again (and where possible, we shoot them).

Our site is not sleazy

Images and video from shoots appear on a paid subscription site, where members enjoy the shoots. Our community is incredibly respectful and open about their passion, and many of our models choose to engage members on our forums daily.

Jelly Wrestling Girls - artistic and erotic nude modelling

We have a safe working environment

On shoots, we have very high safety standards, and crew are trained in first-aid. We always have the details for the closest hospital with an emergency department on each shoot, as well as emergency next-of-kin contact info for the crew and models (we have never needed to use this, but it feels good to know!).

The people you meet and work with have worked with our company for years, and are passionate about the company, and what it stands for. The company has been around for 23 years, and aims to be around for many more: we’re not “fly-by-night” operators. If you wish, you can meet and have the phone number for the management team and Owners: we have nothing to hide!

You’re welcome to ask for references (from models, ex-models, staff, ex-staff, or business partners), and you can also view Testimonials.

We have male and female Shoot Producers

Due to scheduling, you may be shot by a male or a female, but we guarantee they will be professional, personable, passionate about making an awesome shoot, while respecting the enormous bravery it takes to model nude. You can meet some of our Shoot Producers on our Crew page.

Campervan Girls - artistic and erotic nude modelling

It’s fun

Nude modelling is heaps of fun – we know, because many of us who work at have been models ourselves! While it’s hard work, we know you’ll find it satisfying working along side young, dynamic, creative people.