Frequently Asked Questions

A prospective model from Montreal, Canada recently said:

I wanted to say the site is very well explained! all the fearness went away after I checked the FAQ.

Perhaps our FAQ will be helpful for you, too? 😊

“For anybody who is considering working with AW, my big piece of advice is to read the model guides on this website! You have so much information on here about everything that goes into the shoot.

What made me so well prepared for the shoot was that I read through every single page and understood everything on it and it really helped to prepare me.

I know you’re like: “Does anyone even read those?” but I read every single one. So, thank you guys for putting all that info out there!” (Nicole T, Jul 2021)

We sure did! From 2009 till October 2022, femalephotofun was our model recruitment site.

In October 2022 we relocated from femalephotofun.com to modelfor.abbywinters.com. Same people, same company, same information – just at a different web address.

Why the change?
We made this change for two reasons.

First, the word “female” has been co-opted by the disgusting hate-based “incel” movement (more info). Of course, the word “female” has a neutral meaning too, but we want nothing to do with “incels”, and we don’t want prospective models assuming we support their ideas or are associated with them because of the name of our site.

Second, some of our existing models described how they were confused that abbywinters.com (the company) used a website with a different name (femalephotofun.com) when recruiting models.

It’s time to clear that up – part of our commitment to communicate with prospective models so they can make an informed decision.

🤨 Things you probably want to know straight up

“I showed up wearing my usual, natural-looking makeup and I found out that you guys don’t do make-up!! … A lot of companies do natural, girl-next-door stuff but you guys are actually, legitimately natural.” (Lucy Q, Apr 2022)

No. Well, kinda. Yes. It depends… 🤔

If you mean, Am I expected to have sex on camera or grunt-and-groan pretending to masturbate? No!

If you mean, Would I be posing naked while someone takes photographs? Yes.

We create pictures and videos of naked women doing sexy stuff, sometimes alone or together, sometimes with their real-life boyfriend. Customers – mostly men – pay to see it… but it’s not “porn” in the traditional sense.

  • It’s always respectful and empowering
  • We encourage showing as much of the feminine, natural and genuine you as possible (no big hair, high heels, makeup, spitting, or bad acting required!)
  • We show regular women exploring their own sexuality.
  • We work within a models’ limits. We adore the ‘just naked’ work we do (legs together), just as much as the more revealing stuff
  • Our shoots are casual, gentle and playful (there’s no violence or violent overtones)

We call it “human friendly porn”. 🤗

[About her Open Leg level shootmore infoI would describe it as nude modeling… But there’s better wording. It is a girl-next-door-vibe… It is not overly sexualized. It is natural, not super “sexy”. Just girly! It is a loss less intense and intimidating than you’d think of as “porn”. There’s no red lipstick or high heels (Jacklyn, Nov 2021).

“I would say that the type of shoot I did was a type of shoot where you can show your sexuality freely. You can show something natural, not staged” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).

Of course, all the images on this site are examples of the content we make, though we’ve tended to show less-explicit material here. We shoot a range of different Posing Levels from “gentle nude” to sex-with-your-real-boyfriend (and everywhere in between). You get to choose what sort of shoot you appear in. No one in our company is incentivised to make more-revealing shoots, we find the “gentle nude” shoots just as valuable as the more-explicit material.

Well, models get paid more for more-revealing shoots (to reflect the time and commitment that these shoots take), but we mean that staff are not paid more to “convince” models to be more revealing! We just want you to do what you’re happy doing – that’s how we can make the best shoot of you. 🧐

“The appeal and the vibe and the aesthetic is very innocent and playful. This probably appeals to people who are intimated by hardcore porn. I showed some friends the website and they recognized it as different from traditional porn you see online. It is a more soft, mild introduction to porn for people who are intimated by hardcore stuff” (Anika V, Dec 2021).

“It is less pornographic than other things I’ve done in the past…It has always been more about the model, not her character. This is about the model and her real stories. This has more personality to it! I actually like that. You just be… Natural!

It is a lot less work than having to do your hair perfectly and put a bunch of makeup on. You don’t have to have your hair was all done up and the perfect makeup. It is actually more relaxed than the average shoot. You don’t have to get your hair done and nails done to be, like, perfect. I liked to be relaxed and be myself and show, like, a real woman” (Alexandria W, Jun 2021).

No. We never put the material we make of models on “Tube” sites.

For the nerds 🤓
Tube sites (like RedTube, YouPorn, and so on) make porn available for free (it's supported by lots of ads). These sites started in 2008 or so, using stolen videos from pay sites (such as our own, abbywinters.com). From 2012 or so, they stopped outright stealing material, instead asking producers (like us) to add their material to the Tube Sites for free (they say, "It will expose your brand - you'll get new customers!" - we tried it a few times in 2012, and it did not work to find new customers for us).

Since then, the Tube Sites have a stranglehold on the adult industry. Anyone can get virtually unlimited free porn from them – why would anyone pay for porn anymore? Indeed, and that’s a problem.

Our current relationship with Tube sites is, they have stopped stealing our content and we do not give it to them. Sometimes, our content is stolen and uploaded to Tube sites. As this is illegal when we let the Tube site know they take it down promptly.

We formed in the year 2000, and we’ve seen a lot of changes in that time, but Tube Sites are by far the largest and worst. By providing infinite free material to users, customers expect everything for free, which means producers need to reduce their prices, which means reducing their income, which means reducing their costs, which means models get paid less.

We never put the material we make of models on Tube sites, meaning we’re able to pay models more than most other companies.

(Sometimes, hackers steal our material and do put it on Tube Sites. We work closely with a legal firm to get these removed swiftly, and they are successful in 100% of cases).

[The hardest part of applying to work with us] “Understanding the possibility of being found out… But, I’ve already been posting adult content online. This is more secure than Reddit or OnlyFans. This is paid-only content, other than the free sample affiliate sites. It is more niche compared to the more popular internet content. It is a more niche website and that is reassuring” (Anika V, Dec 2021).

No, you will never be touched sexually.

There are a few occasions when our Shoot Producers will initiate touching, however – shaking your hand when they meet you, or maybe a high five (more info on our existing models site), but you can opt out if you prefer.

“She [Shoot Producer Adriana E] is very friendly and respectful and did not touch me or anything. She always asked me at all times what poses are best for me. But she never touched me! For me, this is very professional. We are friends but for me, this is a limit when we are working.” (Rita L, Feb 2022)

The first shoot you do with us will be a “Solo” shoot (that is, you’ll be the only model on-set). While the Shoot Producer will work closely with you, they will never touch you – apart from a friendly handshake when they first meet you 🤝. There is no expectation for you to touch the Shoot Producer (in fact, it’s strictly not allowed!). Our Shoot Producers are professionals (they would lose their job if it happened), and are intent on making the best shoot they can.

“I thought someone would be closer to my body… Like a check-up at a doctor’s office! I know there is a whole thing about Shoot Producers not touching models, and Hermann [Shoot Producer] never did! Even one time there was a position and he told me to move my leg there, no there. I wanted him to just grab my leg and move it but he didn’t even want to do that. So, there was no touching and he actually did it from a bit of a distance. I thought someone would be close to me like a check-up but he was actually at a very nice distance. It was very respectful.

This is not my first shoot, I’ve worked with another company. It was like this, it was very nice. Respectful, feminist, talking about boundaries… The other company they ask for permission to touch your hand, to move your hand… But I found abbywinters.com very respectful, I liked how respectful Hermann was. I am used to working with a female camerawoman and this was my first time with a male. It was interesting. I never once felt uncomfortable or like it was creepy.” (Justina, Mar 2021)

After your first solo shoot, we’ll tell you about other shoots that involve several models, that do involve (a lot of) touching. But there’s never any obligation to do a shoot you’re not comfortable with.

You can read our Models Charter, to learn about the commitments we make to models (and what we expect from models).

First, we’re a Dutch company, a member of the European Union, so we list our fees in Euro. Use Google to convert to your local currency, edit this search but note that exchange rates change a little each day.

We pay some of the best rates in the industry, from €300 to €750 per shoot. We typically offer models between three and ten shoots spread over a few months, but that depends on a few factors.

“I would say that things aren’t as intense or rigorous as they seem. And for that sort of work, the pay is well worth it! Actually, the pay is the best I have seen so far. So it was worth it.” (Olive G, Jun 2020)

The first shoot a model does is the Solo shoot type, and our pay rates for that vary depending on the Posing Level (that is how revealing you choose to be in a shoot). In the application process, you’ll learn more about the levels available (there’s no obligation), but the fee ranges between €300 and €450. On our site for existing models, we have more info on the Posing Levels.

We pay for pretty much all the expenses, including flights and accommodation.

We also pay a first shoot bonus of €100 to female models, to acknowledge the effort to get “onboarded” and prepare for their first shoot.

Before they start working with us, every Shoot Producer completes a “Police check”, so we’re aware of their criminal history. We refuse to work with people who have a criminal history of abuse or violence (and, we don’t work with those who refuse a background check!).

“A few companies have reached out about professional modeling. I had some apprehension when you reached out, but after doing some research and learning more about AW, it eased a lot of my worries. You guys are so focused on making sure that the girls are comfortable and feel safe and you would never put them in danger.” (Sasha B, May 2021)

We provide extensive training to Shoot Producers, around 80 hours spread over six months, which includes extensive sections on working with models. We have a full-time Trainer who works with and visits our Shoot Producers all over the world, and improves their shoot quality.

[About Grooming check] “It was also very easy and smooth. No concerns and nothing wrong. I took off my clothes and did a turn. It was very quick!” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).

We call models after their shoots, and ask about their experience with their Shoot Producer (check out what they have said on our Testimonials page), and after every shoot, models are invited to complete a survey about their experience working with us (we consistently get excellent assessments from all models), and are also invited to email any feedback they have to the Owner of the company.

Working with a Shoot Producer. Somebody seeing me naked… Just the nervousness about that first encounter. What it would be like, how the sexual experience would be treated…The nervousness washed away when I saw Brad’s professionalism. It was much more fun and I understand it more deeply now” (Lisette, Aug 2021).

When your shoot is booked, we’ll let you know the address a few days before the Shoot Day itself, and you can share that with anyone you want (but not publically, please!).

(this answer forms part of our Models Charter, which we recommend you read)

Our approach to working with models is ethicalinclusive, and engaging. We work to make “human-friendly porn” that our customers love watching and our models love making.

Our Models Charter describes our commitments to working with models. It was created by staff who have been models and with the input of many other models and Shoot Producers (some of whom have also been models).

After their first shoot, we call and ask models about their experience. Here are some comments from them.

“I appreciated how she [Shoot Producer Guilia] is super clear in how she explains things, she never uses euphemisms, or skirted around conversations that might be awkward, she was just honest and straightforward. I loved that with poses, she would sometimes jump to the floor and show you what she meant rather than leaving you guessing and feeling silly” (Zina B, Nov 2018).

“Before we started he [Shoot Producer Hermann] picked up that I was nervous and spend an hour and a half to set up. I noticed he took this slower than he needed to, to give me time to relax. I think this was really good. I said can we shoot over here and he set the chair and table and set dressing up there. It was perfect, if I had an idea he accepted it completely, and if he had an idea I accepted it completely” (Brina, Jul 2018).

“I had a lot of fun, towards the end of the day I knew why you warned me it was going to be a long day but otherwise lots of fun. I felt comfortable the whole time.

[Asked about the communication with us] It was 100% for sure. Communication was done well at all times. We decided on text message to do this.

[Asked if she could suggest her own ideas] For sure, he [Shoot Producer George] would even ask me, how do you feel about this, what do you think about that do you have any ideas for this next section. That is something that I really liked. I honestly expected there to be like a whole photography team there so when I got there and there was just one photographer I was a bit relieved as I only had one person to have to get comfortable with” (Claudia V, Jul 2018).

“Sometimes I shot with people with no chemistry but I kept feeling how lucky I was to be shot with Ursula [Shoot Producer] – she made me feel comfortable and relaxed and involved me in the whole process.

This is like my 3rd company I have worked for so I now understand a little more about what is going on. This was very much my favorite kind of shoot. I like to know what is going on and to be told the plan, and to be asked my own ideas. On the day we had a schedule to follow and I really liked that, I knew what order everything would come and how long it would take. I told Ursula at the beginning of the day that I could do a natural orgasm but I couldn’t just do it in 5 minutes, I would need like 15 minutes to build it up. She was so understanding, met my needs so well which was really fine and I did have a natural orgasm on camera.

Even with the issues with the London photographer I would recommend you. You handled it so well – which meant a lot for me. The conversation with Izabela [Production Coordinator] and how she dealt with it was perfect. I know of other ethical companies who have done some disappointing behavior, not to me but to other models but I really trust and respect you guys. When things in London happened I took advice from some models who I trusted and they said you dealt with everything really well – very big recommendations!” (Mille, Jul 2018).

Note, we set up Mille with our London-based Shoot Producer at the time. In the lead-up to the shoot, he contacted Mille and asked her to do some other work – not related to us – that involved having sex with him on camera! We have a strict agreement with our Shoot Producers that offers of such work are completely unacceptable. Mille told us, and we immediately stopped our relationship with this Shoot Producer and rescheduled all shoots.

“Ursula is really amazing. I can hear how proud you are of her as we are talking [Mille was sharing her thoughts with Masie, one of our Model Liaisons), you are really lucky to have Ursula and I think she is really lucky to have found abbywinters, you are a good match!” (Mille, Jul 2018).

“It was so much fun. I was really nervous as I have never done a legitimate shoot but the space George [Shoot Producer] set up was a really relaxing environment and I had a great day! I would love to shoot with George again! It would be great because I have already shot with him so feel comfortable and this time would feel even more comfortable. He was so patient answering all my questions about what he was doing and why – I am sure other photographers would find this annoying but he was so patient. He is a really cool guy.

[Asked about the communication with us] Initially we had a phone call, it was a bit long as we got a bit off topic talking about general things [laughs], but it was great to get to know him before the day. We went over everything in that call, planned where it would be, when, what things I should bring etc. Then on the run up to that shoot day I got my period so texted him and emailed you guys. George was great giving me my options and we then moved things to a new date and did all our confirmation on the run up to the shoot via text which worked very well.

[Asked how prepared she felt for the shoot day] I felt pretty prepared, I liked that we did a recap call a few days before the shoot as I have a terrible memory so the refresher of what to expect from Masie [Model Liaison] was so helpful. When I got there on the day George also walked me through everything again, what was going to happen, the order of the day. He was really accommodating for my needs and kept telling me that if I needed a rest at any point I should say etc. This was the first time I had grown my pubic hair out so I was worried that it would smell but it turned out to all be just fine and normal.

The more comfortable I got on set the more it felt like I was just taking pictures at home in my house, just being me doing things I would do alone anyway. I loved that we used all my star trek things – I was able to just run with ideas around those things as they are my things and something I love .

Having never done a legit shoot before when you said it would take 9 hours I was like, sure that’s what they say but now I understand why you said that and how it takes that long and needed to – it was fine. Everything was explained to me completely in email before the shoot. If I got nervous before the shoot I would look to the emails to reassure myself with what would happen when. It was all so clear. Everything was explained very well – I really really liked that” (Jada S, Jul 2018).

“She [Shoot Producer Giulia] just really knows how to describe certain positions. She really doesn’t use any stupid words for the genitalia, she is like “Your vagina” and “Your anus”, it is not like, your pussy or your booty – Giulia said, “If it’s called your anus it’s your anus, if it’s called your vagina, it’s your vagina, you know, I’m going to call it like it is!” I really appreciated that :).

She joined me in the warming up which I really appreciated and when she wanted to see a certain position she showed me, so she was on her back as much as I was, through the entire shoto and I was down with that!…it it feels really empowering, I have already been telling people that, it feels really empowering, it cheers you up, it cheered me up, it is just a fun experience to do. You get to feel like a supermodel for a minute because you know you are very average looking but you still feel like amazing amazing porn star and that feels good I liked it – I like it! It is very female centered business because I haven’t spoken to a single man in your company, and I dig that!” (Lotte L, Mar 2019).

See more on the Testimonials page.

In a nutshell, on a shoot, you’ll start fully clothed, and progressively get naked, revealing as much of yourself as you feel comfortable (however, our lowest “posing level” is completely nude).

“I was comfortable with all of the posing levels, but I wanted to try something easy for my first shoot with you guys” (Jacklyn, Nov 2021).

An expert Shoot Producer will take images of you, and separately shoot video material (before you freak out about being in a video, check the FAQ answer below, Can I choose to not do video?).

The schedule for the day is like this:


“My first concern was that I would be acting. But it was just “me” on the shoot! And I liked that and how it was run. It was about me and not what typical porn perception of ‘Sexy’ ” (Clara M, Aug 2021).

Common to both Stills and video components of a shoot

The first shoot you make with us, you’ll be the only model (you can choose to do shoots with other models after that if you wish).

First up, you’ll chat with the Shoot Producer about how it’ll work, what you’re comfortable with, your ideas, and their ideas on making an awesome shoot.

“He [Shoot Producer Brad] was respectful of my boundaries and personal space. There were no creepy comments but he was ready to laugh and make me laugh! When I made a mistake it was no big deal. He helped walk me through what we would do ahead of time and he showed me his hand signals so we could communicate. Brad is really professional and knows what he is doing.” (Bonnie T, Mar 2022)

Only the second half of the Stills / Video section will be at the highest Posing Level (how revealing you’ve chosen to be in this shoot). For example, say you’re comfortable only being nude, legs together the whole time (totally cool, btw). In the first half of the Stills session, and in the first half of the Video session, you won’t be nude at all – you’ll be fully clothed, or slowly getting nude. In the second half of stills and video, you’ll be entirely nude.

In both Stills and Video sections, input from you is always welcome – the best shoots happen when the model and Shoot Producer collaborate!

There’s a lunch break (we pay!) between Stills and Video.

“The shoot was really great! I would even call it a really an excellent experience. The Shoot Producer was very professional but also relaxed. In those situations, things should be like that! He was very gentle with me. He was offering me breaks. It was at no point awkward. He was open to my suggestions, I was open to his suggestions. It was really really nice. I really liked working with him. We got along really well.” (Justina, Mar 2021)

Specific to Stills

In the Stills, the Shoot Producer will direct you into poses (many of the images you see on these pages were created on solo model Stills shoots). The stills component is usually first on the shoot day and goes for 3.5 hours or so.

Specific to Video

While the Stills component is more about poses, the Video component is more free-flowing and more focused on moving around and talking than on static poses. The Shoot Producer will ask a bunch of questions about your life experiences (it’s no problem to pass on questions you’re not comfortable answering – we’ll edit that out).

“I like the fact that we are very free to choose what to say and what to show. It helps to keep it as natural as possible. You’re not obliged to do anything unnatural or show off and I appreciated that” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).

The video component is usually second on the shoot day and goes for 3.5 hours or so.

For a lot more specific detail and examples on what models are asked to do on a Solo shoot, we have a page for our Existing Models, What am I expected to actually DO in a solo shoot? On the same site, we also have a thoroughly illustrated description of the shoot day, What happens when I arrive for my first shoot?

“I felt pretty well-prepared. I knew what I was getting into. I did my research on the website and I’ve been in contact a lot with the Model Liaisons. There were no surprises!” (Anika V, Dec 2021).


Yes, we pay for your flights and accommodation.

Check out Alexandra’s blog post on her experience on travelling to a shoot with us.

If you need to travel to a different city for your shoot, we’ll book and pay for flights (train, bus, etc). If you need to travel within a city for a shoot, we don’t pay for travel. For example:

Jane lives in London, UK, and has a shoot in Barcelona, Spain. The company will pay for a return airfare to Barcelona.

Mary lives in California, in Los Angeles. Her Shoot Producer is also based in LA. Mary drives 20 miles to get to the location for the shoot. The company does not pay gas (petrol) money for this.

If you need to stay overnight for the shoot in that city, or two nights, we’ll pay for accommodation. Typically, this will also be the shoot location – we often use AirBNB for this.

“It was a little Airbnb apartment. It had one bedroom and a big living room. It was a super good place and it was in a residential area so there wasn’t a lot of traffic. There were a lot of good spots to shoot around the place, so I didn’t feel stuck in one spot” (Jacklyn, Nov 2021).

After the shooting trip – if it’s in a city other than your home city – you can also claim a Transfer Allowance, an amount of money for each shoot day you’re in a different city, plus an amount to and from the transport hub (eg, airport, central train station) in your Home City. More info (this page is aimed at our existing models).

“[It was] a perfect location, perfect apartment, perfect everything… Just that it was a perfect experience. I am proud of myself for doing it! It was in another country, I was by myself… I didn’t get lost!” (Alice S, Sep 2021).

[About the shoot location] “It was beautiful! I wanted to live there my whole life. I was shocked… I was like, how could they afford this? I was so shocked! I wanted to touch everything, but I didn’t touch anything…” (Sena, Sep 2021).

Mmm, difficult to say. The labels “Ethical Porn” and “Feminist Porn” have come to mean more than their literal definitions.

Ethical Porn?

We certainly produce our content ethically (check our Models Charter, Testimonials, and another project we started, ethicalpornproduction.com).

But that’s different from “Ethical Porn”, which tends to focus on “inclusiveness”. We select models based on how suitable they are for our brand and our paying customers, and some people find that exclusive. We’re ok with that. Here’s an interesting analysis of Ethical Porn.

Feminist Porn?

All our staff, contractors, and owners consider themselves (third wave) feminists, and subscribe to this definition of “feminist porn”;

Feminist pornography is porn that is produced in a fair manner, where performers are paid a reasonable salary and treated with care and esteem, their consent, safety, and well-being are vital, and what they bring to the production is appreciated. The overall aim of feminist porn is to empower the performers who produce it and the people who view it. (Wikipedia)

This is 100% us! 💯

“I knew AW was about authenticity, but I didn’t realize it would truly be me and my own stuff and my true answers to questions. It truly is that authentic” (Cara, Aug 2021).

There are other definitions and interpretations of “Feminist Porn” we do not embrace.

Human Friendly Porn

We call ourselves “human-friendly porn” – that is, porn that is empowering and friendly for the people who make it, and for those who watch it. Other attributes of the material we produce include:

  • We make shoots of models aged between 18 and 42, though 20 to 25 is the most typical
  • We employ men and women in our company, across a range of roles including senior positions
  • Our customers have a range of preferences we aim to capture
  • We also present our customers with alternatives to their expectations (for example, female sexual pleasure for its own sake, not to satisfy a man)
  • When we make scenes of men and women together, it’s only with real-life partners

[About describing this work to prospective models] “You can contribute your ideas inside the porn industry. To show what is natural from the point of view of girls… What they do in bed, at home alone, when they masturbate. What it is really like for them without having to appeal a male audience! There is no standard or the mainstream ways of doing sex” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).

Well, your real name will never be made public but we need to know your real name (and make a copy of your ID so we know you’re over 18), for legal reasons.

“I would say one of the worries I had was if they would use my real name but they gave me a fake name.” (Aiyana, Jun 2021)

It’s fine to not use your real name when initially applying to work with us, but we’ll need it during our onboarding process.

In the lead-up to your first shoot, we’ll assign use a name that’s appropriate for your age and ethnicity (you get to approve it). We call this a Site Name (sometimes called a “Stage Name”, “Shoot name”, “Site name”, nom de plume, or pseudonym).

When your shoots are published, we’ll only refer to you publicly by your Site Name. For more info on names, see;

I have a name I’d like to use on your site, is that ok?

Yes, hello, welcome! 👋

We have a model scouting program, where we work with people to help us find models (more info on how that works, but in a nutshell, they know what kind of people we’re looking for, approach them, let them know about us, and direct them here to modelfor.abbywinters.com learn more and apply – in exchange, if that person makes a shoot with us, we pay them a referral fee).

“It is definitely empowering, it is not like a seedy Craigslist photoshoot! It is really professional, really relaxed. You are in control and have the power and you actually get to have a lot of fun. It is about creating great memories for yourself, as well as pictures and videos.” (Sascha, Feb 2020)

Each model scout works in their own way – some approach people directly in public, some use their existing set of contacts, some use social media (eg, Twitter, or Reddit), and many other methods.

Some model scouts work with us in other capacities, for example;

  • Models who already work with us, and refer models they meet with on other jobs
  • Shoot Producers who make shoots of models
  • Back Office staff who meet prospective models in their day to day life

“I didn’t have any worries before applying…I have a friend [Regina] who has worked with abbywinters.com that referred me. It was a good experience and I didn’t have any worries. I knew you’d be professional and take care of me.” (Margherita, Feb 2020)

Alert 🚨

Some people are unscrupulous, and use our name to attract potential models when they are not involved with us at all. Sometimes, they will outright lie, other times they will use phrases such as “just like an abbywinters.com shoot”.

We will only, ever ask someone interested in working with us to apply via our secure site, here at modelfor.abbywinters.com. We never ask you to bypass this process.

“This is probably the coolest message I have ever received on Reddit, just checked out your website and it has the most detailed FAQ I’ve ever seen in my life 🙂 I think I’ll apply and see what happens, thank you” (A prospective model considering applying, Dec 2020)

More info on how to know we’re legit.

A lot of models comment that we’re different from other adult website production companies (usually in a good way! 😇). Here are some of the things you might find unusual when working with us;

  • We’re humans first
    • That means, before “making a product” or “meeting a deadline”, we care for each other.
    • While that certainly applies to working with models, it also applies to how we work with our customers, and our staff and contractors too.
  • We’re more comprehensive in our approach
    • We don’t do things “quick and dirty”, we believe careful planning will mean we can make an excellent shoot that our customers will love.
    • That means, we need to interact with models a lot before the shoot so we understand their preferences, and to help models learn what we need on the shoot day.

“Probably the hardest part was the onboarding process. It is rigorous but I understand. You have to have quality control when you’re working with people from the other side of the world. That was understandable.” (Wendy T, Feb 2022)

“As far as actually shooting, I was nervous. But it was unexpected that it was so light and so easy! I was used to more complicated tasks and rushed shooting, you know? For this one, I wasn’t prepared! It was so cool and so nice.” (Candice D, Jan 2021)

  • We’re all about informed consent
    • That means, we think it’s important models understand exactly what they’re doing (even if they think it’s “obvious”), and what the repercussions might be
    • We take time to understand and answer models’ questions, and we provide ample information up-front, during and after shoots

“I felt pretty well-prepared for the shooting. It was my first shoot like that, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to… But I thought it was good. I didn’t feel like I didn’t know anything. You did a good job of telling me and asking me what would happen.” (Jullie, Jul 2020)

  • We don’t judge
    • We’re open to learning more about the range of human sexuality – we all find it fascinating 🧐
    • We always listen to learn more

It was a lot less pressure than I thought it would be. I know it is porn but… It was so relaxed and laid-back.” (Aiyana, Jun 2021)

  • We make material for a small, devoted customer base
    • We aim to “subvert the dominant paradigm” of porn, showing an alternative – that young women wearing casual clothes talking about casual things with no makeup and a relaxed approach is sexy as hell
    • There’s a lot of porn out there, but ours is easily recognised as different (and good – award-winning!)

“I have worked a lot in the industry before and I have never done anything like this before. It was different because I didn’t have any makeup at all! It felt like real life. The room was very similar to mine. It felt like home!” (Senja, May 2021)

  • We know that training people is important
    • Everyone who works with us as a Contractor or employee undergoes extensive training (Shoot Producers most of all, for example)
    • This covers technical aspects, as well as our brand and style… but also working professionally with models, data security, and our business systems.

“He was very positive! He seemed like a fun guy and he wanted it to be a fun experience, but without it being inappropriate or uncomfortable.” (Sasha B, May 2021)

  • We believe in quality over quantity
    • For example, our shoots take a full day… for one shoot
    • That means we make fewer shoots per week than some other companies, but we pay more for them (and most models are invited to participate in many shoots)
I thought we’d have to get a lot more content than we did. Similar companies require a longer workday. They need so much out of you without a lot of breaks. This was easy and I wasn’t tired.” (Sera, Feb 2020)
  • We have a policy of continuous improvement
    • We ask for feedback from models, contractors, customers, and staff. When we get it, we feed it into how we can improve
    • All the information in our FAQ’s comes from staff and contractors making suggestions to answers to questions models have asked us
    • There are many quotes from models in our FAQ’s – these are all real things our models have said

While the effects of Covid-19 continue to be felt, we’re largely – but not entirely – back to making shoots as normal.

Our policy is to proceed with shoots if models and Shoot Producers are comfortable to proceed, and local government conditions allow it. We always take precautions on shoots to reduce the risk of transmission, and take into account models and Shoot Producers preferences.

More Covid-19 info for our existing models.

That’s a tough question to answer – how do you know anyone is legit? But we’ll do our best.

🚨 Look out for scammers! 🚨

Some scammers pose as photographers, use our company name abbywinters.com in advertising for models, and offer them to bypass the casting / screening process.

These people are not associated with us. We only, ever direct prospective models to apply here on modelfor.abbywinters.com. More info.

We have a lot of info here on our modelfor.abbywinters.com site, and we encourage you to read it and form a list of questions for us. During the obligation-free application process, we make an appointment to call you and answer all the questions you have. 😌

“Initially one of you guys approached me on Reddit… I had an initial concern that it was all a big scam! But I don’t think it is! No, you guys are not… 😃😃.” (Mischa W, Jun 2021).


Our customer-facing site (and parent company), abbywinters.com, has been around for 23 years now. You can see when we registered our domain name, in August 2000.

It’s not pretty, but you can hop into the Internet Wayback Machine and see how we looked in the year 2000, or really, any time from then to now (a reminder that our approach is to let models choose how revealing they are in shoots we make of them; some models might be doing more revealing stuff on the main site than you want to do, but that’s cool – we’ll go with your decision on that!).

“You guys cover everything nicely in everything you send… You’ve been doing this for years!” (Alexandra T, Aug 2021).

⚖️ Legal info

Our website address is also our actual legal company name, abbywinters.com BV. We’re based in the Netherlands. You can see our registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (you’d need to pay a small fee to get more extensive info, but the basic info is there for free).

As we operate in the European Union, we’re required to have a VAT (tax) number. Our VAT number is NL821153985B01, and you can look it up in various places online – the European Commission’s site is the most legit. Select the Member State of “The Netherlands”, enter just the numbers of our VAT number (so, 821153985B01), and click “Verify”.

We can arrange a call with our corporate accountants RSM, or our legal firm Labre (they won’t be able to share too many details about us, of course, but they can verify we exist and pay our bills on time).

Dun&Bradstreet is an organisation that tracks companies in the world, we have our own page on their site.

🗺️ Elsewhere online

You can see our Wikipedia entry, which is mostly factual.

You can check our Twitter account, @abbymodels.

You can check our Owners’ Quora account, where he often answers questions about porn.

You can read about the experience other models have had with us, published on places other than our own site, and read testimonials from some other models.

You can browse the info we provide to models who already work with us. We work hard to be open and honest in all our communications with models.

Like for movies and books and electronics, there are sites that only review porn sites. We appear on all of the major ones, and we always assess pretty highly. Check out how Rabbits Reviews and The Best Porn assessed us.


We have a “registered office”, but we don’t actually work from there, we all work from home in many places around the world including…

  • Our owner, some Shoot Producers, and the Accountant are in Australia 🇦🇺
  • Customer Support, Content Admin, Sys Admin, Video Editors, and Imageset Processors are in the Netherlands 🇳🇱
  • A Shoot Producer in Germany 🇩🇪
  • A Shoot Producer and Model Liaisons in Spain 🇪🇸
  • Senior Model Liaison, Shoot Producer Trainer in the UK 🇬🇧
  • A Shoot Producer and Web Developer in Russia 🇷🇺
  • A Shoot Producer in Colombia 🇨🇴
  • Lead Web Developer in Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • Shoot Producers, Rave Writer, and Model Liaisons in the US 🇺🇸
  • Model Liaison in Hungary 🇭🇺
  • Web developer in Malta 🇲🇹
  • QA Tester in Argentina 🇦🇷
  • WordPress Admin and JS developer in Venezuela 🇻🇪

If you live in those countries, we can probably organise a meetup 🥂 / 🍻, or at least a video chat! Ask your Model Liaison, who’d be happy to introduce you to someone local to you. They can share their experiences working with our company.

“I have a little bit of anxiety in general. Every time I don’t go through my agent and I get a referral like this I am a little worried about it being legit… But obviously, that wasn’t a problem.

Everyone was so nice, especially over the phone. Everyone was so nice and that made me feel and realise that this is legit. And the extensive questions and everything, of course. If it is not real, nobody is going to care about every little detail. It was great, everyone was great over the phone, everyone was great over email, the directions…That was probably one of the funniest shoots I’ve had.” (Myra, Jan 2021)


“The amount of professional equipment! The Shoot Producer had all these big lights and different lenses for photos and it helped to legitimize in my mind that this is a good thing.” (Alonya, Oct 2021)

🙋‍♂️ Ownership

You can email our Owner, Garion Hall directly at garion.hall@abbywinters.com. Garion has worked in the company since it started and acts as the Creative Director. You can learn a bit more about our illustrious owner on his AW Bio page as well.

You can email him to arrange a video call. You can also do a Google search on “Garion Hall” to see articles written about him, conferences he has presented at, and newspaper articles (not always flattering!).

☎️ Connect

During the application process, you can ask to talk to some other models who have worked with us and have them describe their experience. You’ll find they match exactly what we say here on this site.

Maybe this is not for you, but some models have asked us to call or video-call with their parents to alleviate their fears before their daughter travels to work with us, and we’re happy to do that for you (or with anyone, really).

If you have any ideas on how we could better “prove” we’re legit, we’d welcome your feedback! 😀

Model for Abbywinters is the model-recruitment department of abbywinters.com BV, who produces exclusive content for our members-based erotic website, www.abbywinters.com.

Hey 😲 please note that our site is designed to be appealing to customers (not models) – so some material there is quite sexually explicit!

However, models always choose how revealing they want to be in their shoots so don’t be concerned (there’s more about this in this FAQ, below).

“Ursula [Shoot Producer] always gave me the power, of my will, to continue or not. I really appreciate that.” (Alaina, Apr 2021)

The abbywinters.com website is world-renowned and is consistently rated as one of the best. 🦚 You can read some reviews of our site.

In summary, we make shoots in the “the girl next door” genre but juxtapose that with deeply exploring who you are.

To a large degree, we want to photograph and video the real you. How you really are, what you think about life, love, and sex. It’s a casual, unaffected approach.

“I would describe the shoot as enjoyable and about my life… And I don’t apologise! It is not a shame. It is my life and my body and I love my life and my body and I love people watching my body.” (Rita L, Feb 2022)

We’re a business in an extremely competitive market, making content we sell to customers. We have a brand to maintain that is flexible to some degree, but we need to keep it focused to retain our customers.

We don’t expect you to know what to do on camera, that’s why our Shoot Producers are trained, they will guide you through the whole shooting process to obtain the best captures of yourself.

“My first shoot was perfect. Guilia [Shoot Producer] is a professional and she made it easy for me to do everything. She gave clear instructions. I only have good words!” (Alice S, Sep 2021)

So, there are a few practical and stylistic considerations. For example:

  • Models must appear at their highest selected posing level, for at least 50% of the shoot (models choose the level they are comfortable with)
    • So, it’s not practical for a model to spend an hour talking about her manifesto
  • We only have a finite amount of time in a shoot day, and a lot of material to capture
    • This can mean there’s no time to explore everything in detail
  • The tone of the shoot is sexual
    • However, the first 25% of the shoot tends to be more “innocent”, so we present a contrast
    • It’s not practical for a model to talk about her travel and studies, instead of sexual content
  • We want to hear real stories
    • We never want you to make things up
  • Some things are off-topic for us
    • For example, you want to talk about how pot should be legalized or demonstrate your S&M practices, or fake moon landings, or how much Jesus loves you… that’s not appropriate
    • We receive criticism for producing material that’s a homogeneous (“too samey”) view of female sexuality. We don’t think that’s true, but we definitely do have a certain style of production and set of requirements.

“I’m quite sporty and flexible. I proposed positions about flexibility. Some yoga poses…I’m also into some choreography and movement so I got to show some of that. It was really fun! I showed a little bit about my flute. And, yeah! I also just love dancing and we had some pictures while I was listening to music in my headphones and dancing around.” (Dalilah, Nov 2021)

Models may choose to reject any pose we ask for or to not talk about any topic of conversation they choose, but a full shoot must be completed for payment to be made. Models can also cancel a shoot at any time, though that never happens because we work hard to inform models of our expectations.

“My shoot was great, thank you! She [Shoot Producer Giulia] was very friendly and professional. Everything went exactly according to plan, exactly how you guys said it would be. It was a good experience.” (Alexandra T, Aug 2021)

These FAQs are also relevant;

How do the Solo videos work? 📹 How do I know what to say and do?


There are a few reasons why this might not be right for you. Posing nude on the internet is ideal for people who are sex-positive, who think that being nude is not shameful, who are proud of their body (whatever shape it is), and who don’t care what other people think of their sexual choices.

“I would describe this work as an environment where you have to share yourself with the world. You undress yourself physically and also deeper than that… You reveal yourself mentally as well.” (Ash, Sep 2022)

I don’t want to be recognised

If you plan to keep this work private, it’s best to “assume the worst” – that people will find out. We’ll never publish your real name, but you may just be recognised by someone you know. That recognition could result in social ostracism (loss of job, friendships, or family engagement), or unwanted attention online – or in the real world.

Acknowledging and being proud of the work usually takes the wind out of the sails of “judgy”people;

Yeah, I am nude on the internet, and I look great! What about it?

Current and future employers

Some small-business employers will have a moral stance on this kind of work (“I think sex is dirty, and I won’t employ anyone who participates in such things!”).

Some employers have “no ill repute” clauses in employment contracts (for example, “Employees may not engage in behaviors in their personal life that bring ill repute on the company.”)

Some employers are bound by ethical standards or codes of conduct placed by industry or government bodies. To our knowledge, no employer disallows being nude on the internet specifically, but employers like schools, law firms, government bodies, political parties, and similar can take a dim view of such behaviour.

If your current or possible future employer found out about your work with us with us and would fire you, you may want to reconsider this kind of work.

Friends and family

Your friends and family may not like you chosing this sort of work. Part of that will come from a genuine concern for your safety – you can read more about shoot safety in our FAQ, How do I know I will feel safe on a shoot?. But sometimes they make moral judgments, which can be difficult to deal with from our loved ones. Of course, you’re an adult who can make your own informed decisions.

Consider what they’d say and do if they “found out” (a model of ours shared her story of how her parents found out). Would you tell them before the work? After? A few months later? Or just hope they don’t mention it if they found out?

Even if your parents don’t use the internet, or would never look at porn (really?), a well-meaning neighbor or a family friend might see it as their “duty” to let them know.  🤬

Other acquaintances

Consider neighbors, ex-partners, fellow students, club members, and sports teams – people who are not your “friends” necesssarily, but know who you are. What if they found out?

If that concerns you, this work is probably not for you.

I don’t want to do stuff in a shoot

On a shoot, you’ll be sharing a lot about yourself. Your physical body, for sure (you choose how much to show), but you’ll also be interviewed on video where you’ll discuss your life, hobbies, dreams, and sexuality (you can choose not to talk about some stuff if you wish).

So, you need to be comfortable sharing that aspect as well.

No, that’s not how it works with us (though unfortunately, we have heard of this happening in the adult industry 😒).

Our Shoot Producers are strictly forbidden from any physical contact with models (even if you invite it!), apart from a handshake when they first meet you.

We’ll always describe how the shoot works in detail (and you can read up now what happens on a shoot day, on our resource site for existing models), discuss who’ll appear in the shoot with you, and what you’d be expected to do in that shoot. Any male-female interaction is only, ever with your real-life partner, and there’s a lot of planning that goes into that. The first shoot you make with us, you’ll be the only model.

You get paid when you complete the shoot you agreed to (and on the shoot day, you can choose not to go ahead at all, or to change what happens in the shoot).

Our Models Charter outlines how we work with models, and all staff and Shoot Producers follow it to the letter – they helped create it, along with feedback from our models.

 “My Shoot Producer Hermannwas very polite with me. He gave me everything. He gave me clear information all the time and was always very kind.He never touched me to demonstrate poses. He only spoke to me to give directions. He is a wonderful Shoot Producer😊😊! ” (Alessia T, Feb 2023)

“I especially liked the policy that the Shoot Producer couldn’t touch me. Brad [Shoot Producer] didn’t give me any reason to be worried. I just wouldn’t like to be touched while being shown the poses… I appreciate that you guys have this policy.” (Alonya, Oct 2021)

“I was worried that my Shoot Producer was a male. I was worried that looking at a female body would cause arousal… Elvaar [Shoot Producer] has done this thousand of times and it was not an issue. I was very comfortable working with him” (Clara M, Aug 2021).


😳 Things you might be uncomfortable to ask, but really want to know

“I felt very prepared, honestly. I’ve never actually done a modeling job before and I was nervous that I was going to mess up. It is hard to mess up when there are clear instructions and clear poses!” (Oshun, May 2022)

People we accept must:

  • Be female (as in, assigned female at birth);
  • Be attractive and feminine;
  • Speak English well;
  • Be genuinely enthusiastic about our project;
  • Not have breast implants.

The above are “hard” requirements. If you do not meet on them, we cannot work with you.

However, some are subjective (meaning, opinions differ), and we tend to be pretty flexible. For example, we’re not only seeking people with an “ideal” dress size – a bit over or under is fine. How much precisely depends on several factors, but you should apply and we can discuss it.

We prefer people we work with:

  • Be 18 to 25 years old;
  • Have no, or minimal tattoos;
  • Have removable piercings;
  • Be height-weight proportionate;
  • Have full pubic hair;
  • Have underarm hair;
  • Have no previous experience adult modelling.

The above greatly increase the chance we can offer you work.

Absolutely, it will be ok (Planned Parenthood has a good page on this, too).

We celebrate many different shapes and sizes of people, and your labia is part of that. Whether you have an innie, outie, or anywhere in between-ie, we’re totally down with how your pussy looks. And btw, we never ask you for pussy pictures before we agree to make a shoot of you. 🙃

“In comparison with other porn companies who might prefer a certain type of body enhancement or certain hair or makeup… There’s nothing like that here. There are many types of women on this website!” (Oshun, May 2022)

However, if your vulva has sores on it from ingrown hairs, mosquito bites 😲, or an STI, that will be a problem! We’ll work with you to resolve this, so we can make a shoot.


Our customers are mostly men, aged 18 to 90, with peak around 35 years old. They tend to be “white collar” with “professional” jobs in IT, accounting, medicine, law, and similar. Most have a university degree. Our customers are from around the world, but mostly the US 🇺🇸, UK 🇬🇧, Canada 🇨🇦 and Australia 🇦🇺.

Our customers are seeking sexy images and video as a masturbation aid 🤯🍆💦.

Our customers are spoiled for choice online, but choose abbywinters.com for a few reasons;

  • They like the models we work with
    • We select models who appear “wholesome”, and behave genuinely, who are comfortable being themselves
  • They like the style we make our shoots in
    • Our shoot-style is distinctive and unusual in the industry. We shoot in real locations (never studios), we use particular lighting sources and techniques, we have an established “visual style”
  • They like the content of our shoots
    • Our different Shoot Types are crafted to respond to what our customer like, the sexual ideas and acts are appealing
  • They like the ethics with which we make shoots
    • “Human friendly porn”, everyone is fully informed, shoots are consent-based, models get to choose what they do in shoots

All our shoots start with the model clothed to “set the scene”. Over the course of the shoot, she gets naked.

Models have told us they find this a bit more comfortable than a photographer saying, “Ok, get nude now!” at the start of the shoot, which certainly makes sense. But it also allows our customers to share the journey of seeing models clothed, in their underwear, and finally nude. The undressing is a big part of our shoots, and we’re well known for making this sequence interesting for customers and models.

“I prepared all the clothes and the props… It was good. I think you did everything perfectly. I think I was well-prepared and knew what to expect. There’s nothing more you could have done better.” (Anna X, Apr 2022)

But don’t worry, you don’t have to perform a strip-tease show, it’s much more casual than that.

You’ll wear your own clothes in the shoot, and we ask you to bring a range of colorful form-fitting items so the Shoot Producer has options to choose from.🩱👕🎀👗👙👚👘

“The clothing was not so vulgar, it was very girly. Like I wear all the time! Other shoots have a lot of heavy makeup and slutty clothing.” (Senja, May 2021)

STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) can be transmitted during unprotected sex, and so can be a risk when appearing in adult entertainment.

However, your first shoot with us will always be you in a solo-model shoot, so there’s no opportunity for sex (😿).

We do have options for shoots with multiple female models and sexual contact, but we only offer them to interested models. We pay for STI tests (showing you to be negative for a range of STI’s) before appearing in these shoots.

We only make male-female shoots with real-life couples (that is, your boyfriend). Condoms are not appropriate for that kind of shoot, so we encourage models to use other forms of birth control.

“Test Shots” are topless images you send us of yourself towards the end of the application process, so we can see what you look like – we need them to decide if you’re suitable for our site (see the FAQ, What are you looking for, exactly?).

Our business is based on making professional shoots of amateur models – we’ve been doing it for over 23 years now – and you can see the kind of images we make around this site (and on abbywinters.com itself), and we think you’ll admit, they are not really the kind of thing an amateur model can make on her own (but if you can, please enquire about working with us as a Shoot Producer!).

Perhaps there is a market for test shots elsewhere, but that’s not the business we’re in. We keep test shots encrypted and safe from anyone who does not have a clear and present need to access them. We always operate legally and ethically. We do not ask you to sign a Release (modelling contract) for those images, so we’re prohibited from selling or using them anywhere anyway.

Finally, we stick to our Model Privacy Policy, which describes what we do with the information and images we gather from and about you.

Reschedule the shoot, it’s no problem

You can always reschedule any booked shoot to be at a time you’re more comfortable with, for any reason.

Or for no reason.

Use some special “tools”, it’s no problem

Consider using a Moon Cup, or Period sponge.

Hide the tampon string, it’s no problem

Some of our shoot types and posing levels (that is, how revealing you choose to be in a shoot) are such that your vagina is not involved. 🤯 That means you could be wearing a tampon, and no one would know (of course, only if you felt comfortable doing the shoot anyway). You could cut the string, or just tuck it up a bit.

Well, maybe best to let your Shoot Producer know, so they can be sure to keep any signs hidden! 😉

Show the tampon string, it’s no problem

It’s never a problem for us to do a shoot with a tampon in, even if we can see the string! We’d ask you to use a fresh tampon before the shoot begins. Sample image below.

Our customers enjoy this feminine area being de-mystified, and we might ask you to explain how it works on-camera (as always, only if you feel comfortable to).

I think it’s a great thing AW is doing, this is a natural part of life and many women feel like sex more during this time, so it’s only fitting that AWs should do some shoots that include a woman on her period when she is feeling more sexually active, I also think it’s good to promote this to men and women. (Alex K, Apr 2013)


Be period-proud, it’s no problem

Despite the discomfort and hassle, we reckon that menstruation is a beautiful and natural thing (a period emoji was released in 2019, but it’s a bit lame🩸, more info).

We have made several shoots where the model’s period is a feature of the shoot. For example, she demonstrates how several management techniques work (tampons, pads, moon cup…). Some blood is visible. Our customers are fascinated to learn how this stuff works, and some models are excited to share on such a “taboo” topic.

When you apply, you can ask for examples of those shoots – or check them out now.

Or maybe that’s all a little too much for you? Any of these scenarios are no problem for us! 😃

ABOVE: Model Cresea was comfortable to make her shoot with the tampon string visible throughout.

Our customers pay us to find and make shoots of models as they “naturally” are. Of course, the word “natural” is a pretty loaded term, and can mean different things to different people.

Our customers are fine with some ways models change how they look, for example, shaving their legs or pubic region, or changing their hair style or colour. Tattoos and piercings can be ok in some circumstances.

But, our customers draw the line at more significant changes such as a breast augmentation (a “boob job”). Because we’ll be paying you to make a shoot for our customers (who pay us), it’s important that we make shoots of models our customers will enjoy.

If you’ve had a boob job, we won’t be able to work with you. If you’ve had breast reduction surgery, let us know – we should be able to work something out.

What if I lie about breast enhancement work I have had done?

If you have had breast augmentation work done, and when you apply to work with us you claim you have not had that work done, it may not be until the shoot day that we found out you were lying all along.

Apart from lying being an unprofessional way to start a new working relationship, the Shoot Producer is going to be pretty angry with you (they’ve missed out on a paid day’s work), so are several other people who worked hard to organise this shoot and now miss out on getting paid. Of course, the shoot won’t be made, and you won’t be paid either.

We work hard to be clear and honest in all our communications with models, and we expect that same honesty back from them. More about what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you in our Models Charter.

A “cooling off” period allows someone to reconsider a purchase, to change their mind. It’s often for “big ticket” items like buying houses or cars, though laws differ by country and region.

We’ve have a Cooling Off Period for modelling with us, even though you are not making a purchase (and it’s not a law in this case – we just think it’s a good idea).

The Cooling Off Period only applies to the first shoot you make with us. If you choose to claim the Cooling Off period, we’ll still pay the costs of travel, the Shoot Producer fees, and any other expenses associated with this shoot – you only have to promptly return the modelling fee we paid you.

The Cooling Off Period dates are calculated like this, for example;

You make a shoot in Amsterdam on Wednesday that finishes at 6pm. You have until 6pm Monday (Amsterdam time) to decide you’d like to claim the Cooling Off Period (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon are the five days). You need to send us an email before that 6pm Monday to make the claim.

If you make a claim during the Cooling Off Period, we won’t argue with you but we would like to understand why you changed your mind, so we can improve this process for other models in the future.

It takes a few weeks for us to finalise a Cooling Off Period claim – several people are involved, and it’s quiote complex. We’ll keep you approaised of progress and let you know when it’s done – we aim for it to be complete after two weeks of receiving your model fee back. All shoot media (stills and videos), your ID captures, and paperwork you signed will be permamantly deleted. We’ll delete the shoot record in our Post Production database, so no media from this shoot will ever be published.

Separate to the 5 day Cooling Off Period, we also offer a National Blackout Option, in case there’s a Situation you need to deal with after your shoot is released.

We don’t want models stressing over work they’re otherwise proud of, so we offer a one-time National Blackout Option.

This means, if you suddenly find yourself nervous about your work with us for any reason — you don’t even have to tell us what the reason is — we will block all of your shoots in your home country (or, any one country you choose) for a period of three months from the date of your request. 😌


  • It’s blocked in one country only
  • Only available after your first shoot has been online for at least six months; and
  • You can only use this “panic button” once

The blocking method we use is statistically around 98.5% effective.

We encourage you to ask our Model Liaisons to share stories of what has happened to models who have been found out. Interestingly, even if being discovered felt like a catastrophe at the moment it happened, most models later regarded it as a blessing in disguise that helped them lead a more authentic life (or at least as a mixed blessing — far better than the disaster they had unnecessarily feared). 😬

Here’s the story of a model who became a Shoot Producer with us, and the stigma she faced, and triumphed over. And here’s an interview with a model of ours who was “found out”, and faced oppression from her family and acquaintances (in Dutch, Google Translate helps). Her story is positive and inspiring.

You’re doing the work, so we pay you. We do not charge you anything.

And btw, anyone who does charge you is dishonest – we strongly recommend you do not work with such people.

(We get asked this question sometimes, as we do prefer working with “first time” nude models).

No, it’s not a drag! In fact, we enjoy making shoots with newbies, because they sometimes come with preconceived notions of what happens on nude shoots, and it’s a great opportunity for us to confound their fears and help them have a fun time expressing themselves! (though, to be fair, people with more experience also enjoy our shoots too!).

“The shoot was really really nice, very professional. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I was a little scared because it was my first professional shoot. I was afraid I might feel uncomfortable, but I didn’t. It was great.” (Anabelle, Feb 2020)

Newbies are like moldable clay, they take direction well and come up with unique ideas to make a shoot better, thinking outside the box.

“It was better than I expected! It was a very comfortable and safe space. I had fun!” (Clara M, Aug 2021)

Of course, more experienced models are fun as well – there’s less time spent on making sure they’re comfortable and walking through the standard stuff, which leaves more time to spend on the shoot itself. Really, total-newbie or old-hand, it’s all good!

Shoot Producer Brad in Los Angeles USA says: “I appreciate the authenticity that new models bring to their performance, and their excitement about doing something new different, and daring can bring a lot of energy to a shoot”.

“Thorough, very thorough, she [Shoot Producer Giulia] is patient, she was very patient with me as I know it is a total drag for a photographer to work with newbies, it is just the worst thing ever [it’s really not! – Ed.]. She was very patient with me she explained a lot about abbywinters.com.

I felt like she really respected my choices, she told me that it might look like she is in a hurry but it is just how she is, she is not someone who is still during a shoot so during break she was, texting and she was making me lunch and she was setting up the lights but I felt really relaxed there. I asked her if I can help but she said ‘oh no no please just sit still for 30 minutes’ and I was like yeah, ok!” (Lotte L, Feb 2019)


We guarantee that you will never be or feel pressured or forced. We only want to make shoots of models who are excited about working with us.

“They’re very straightforward about what is expected on the shoot day. If you say you’re comfortable with something then they won’t push you to do more unless you want to.” (Aiyana, Jun 2021)

Pressuring or forcing models to do stuff would work against our business because:

  • It’s against our Models Charter (the commitments we make to models)
  • Our professional staff and Shoot Producers would never work with us if we allowed that
  • We rely heavily on models referring their friends to us to model as well
  • We’d lose our status of being a professional company, operating for 23 years
  • We could not offer you to be a reference for other new models
  • You would not want to come back for more shoots with us
  • Our product is engaging shoots of happy models

“The most important thing was that we knew exactly what we were doing, we knew the steps of the shoot. Brad [Shoot Producer] made sure that we felt 100% comfortable with everything, he didn’t sway or try to persuade me to do anything. He made sure everything was my choice.” (Myra, Jan 2021)

We absolutely guarantee you will never be pressured or forced to do anything you do not want to do.

[Asked about her Shoot Producer Hermann] “We got along well and decided on things together. We both proposed ideas and we had fun! We did some funny stuff in the shoot and it was really positive.” (Dalilah, Nov 2021)

“The communication beforehand it matched my expectations. The posing was in-line with what I said I was comfortable doing. You guys prepared me really well beforehand, so it was as I expected it to be.” (Jacklyn, Nov 2021)

“He [Shoot Producer Hermann] was a professional because I feel , I don’t know how to say, like I was being protected from anything, he was really nice to me, he always would tell something like ‘if you feel ok with that you can do that if you are no ok, do not do that’ so I was totally fine with that because I had a choice to do or not to do anything so it was really nice.” (Galina, Dec 2018)

During the Onboarding process

The “onboarding process” is what we call the stage from when you first apply to work with us, to when we agree we want to make a shoot together (see the timeline of events). We have a few situations in this process asking if you want to continue, cancel, or just pause for a few months.

The Onboarding process is designed to help you learn about us, and for us to learn about you. Once we both understand each other’s position, we can make an informed decision. Perhaps you just want to learn more, but have not committed to anything yet? That’s what our Info Session is for. It’s no obligation, perfect for finding out more.

And, at any time, you can let us know you’ve changed your mind. It’s helpful to let us know why you’re changing your mind (in case it’s based on an incorrect assumption, for example, you’ll be having sex with random guys – that’s never the case with us, and we’d be sad to see you cancel because you assumed that was the case!).

We’ll always respect your decision – we only want to work with people who really want to work with us – they make the best shoots!

(This happens pretty often – it’s all good!)

“I felt really well prepared. The emails and phone calls beforehand and contact with Leena [Model Liaison] was great. I felt like I could ask anything. I felt like I could ask anything that I wasn’t sure about if I did have questions” (Grace R, Jun 2021).

During the shoot-booking process

After you have been Onboarded, the shoot booking process begins.

If you change your mind about shooting with us (or,  about the posing level or shoot type) during the shoot booking process, it’s convenient for us to know as soon as possible, so the Shoot Producer is not inconvenienced so much.

We’re curious to know why you’re changing your mind, but we won’t argue with you or make you feel bad for it. We only want to work with models who love working with us – they make the best shoots! :)

(This happens a few times a month, so it’s no big deal).

On the day of the shoot

We provide a bunch of info and have conversations with you to help you understand what to expect, and we have heard from models that helps a lot.

But, we understand that you can change your mind at the last minute. It’s our policy that you never have to do anything you don’t want to do, so simply inform your Shoot Producer that it’s not for you. Perhaps a shoot can still be made, but we change the posing level (for example, to be less-revealing), draw the curtains, or turn the heat up?

Canceling a shoot on the shoot day is certainly inconvenient. The Shoot Producer has organised a location, made a shoot plan, and likely put off other work so they could shoot you! But, it’s more important you’re comfortable with what you are doing.

(This happens once every five years or so – very rare – but it’s not a problem).

For five days after your first shoot

We have a “cooling off” period of five days after your first shoot, where you can change your mind.

Let us know: You’ll return the modeling fee we paid, and we’ll delete the media we captured of you. That’s it (more info on the details).

(This happens once every few years, and is no problem).

I knew I had 5 days after the shoot and during those days I just took some time by myself to really think about it. One day I just suddenly realised that I am fine, it is my body and I do what I want with it. It came after two days of deep thinking, I was asking myself, are you sure this is a great idea? and then I was like, eh I really don’t care, I am fine!

Noemi, August 2019.

After that…

Here’s where it gets tricky. We encourage prospective models to think carefully about their motivations for modeling with us, and only proceed if they are sure this is for them.

Permanently removing material from our site very seldom happens. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and complicated (for both you and us), and should not be considered a practical option. But, here’s how it’d work.

However, we do have the temporary relief of the National Blackout Option, which is easy to claim – see below.

We do not require you to have any experience to work with us. You just need to be assigned female at birth, and over the age of 18 for us to consider your application.

In some ways, we prefer models with no experience, so we can make shoots without any pretense. That being said, we really welcome models regardless of their experience level. 😌

“When I applied I was concerned about being good enough doing the shoot. But I don’t know if it was good enough… But in the moment of the shoot, that concern disappeared.” (Viviana, Apr 2021)

“It was just my first shoot, so I wasn’t sure how it would be. But now I’ve done it and everything I was told matched up with how it was.”  (Larisa, Dec 2021)


Perhaps you have scars from mole removal, surgery, cutting, or an accident?

Scars are part of you, and a not a problem for us.

With you, we make a lot of effort and spend a lot of money to create unique material for our website. We’re a business designed to make money, so removing material that makes us money is not good for us. When we make money, we use it to keep the business running, and use it to pay models to appear in shoots.

We also work hard to inform models of the risks of appearing nude online, and models sign a Release (a legally binding contract) to indicate they agree to participate. Models learn more about this during the application process.

However, we occasionally have models change their minds, and want their material removed from our website. We take this request seriously, and have a process to handle such requests. Removing content is not easy, fast or cheap, but it can be done.

For the full info, see this page on our site for existing models.

We accept around 10% of applicants. We have very specific things we’re seeking, and we don’t use makeup or Photoshop. Our ideal models are:

  • Female (naturally, not post-op!)
  • 18 to 26 years old
  • Attractive and feminine
  • Height-weight proportionate
  • Speak English well
  • Have removable piercings
  • Have no tattoos (or very minimal)
  • Have no body modifications (eg, breast implants)
  • Have full pubic hair; underarm hair preferred
  • Are genuinely enthusiastic about our project
  • Have no previous experience adult modelling

It’s our policy not to provide the reason for rejection. A rejection is a reflection on what we specifically need, not on you as a person.

If you receive a rejection, you may see a recommendation for other companies we think may want to work with you.

Many of our models are not only proud of the work they do with us, but actively show it to others!

However, we understand that some models are a little shyer, and would prefer to keep their modelling work to themselves. Of the 1,900 models we have shot since 2000, around 20 models have been “found out”, so there is a low possibility you might be as well (but of course, models don’t always tell us they have been found out, so these numbers are only based on what we know).

But, we have the National Blackout Option, too.

All the photos and content is yours… Those words are quite strong. You think about it being fun and the money and then after… My main concern was about my parents finding it out. It can appear! It is online forever. I saw that AW has been around for 23 years and my photos might be online for another 23 years. At the end, I know how to manage it if they find out. You were repeating the contract many times and made sure I read it.

It was my choice to carry on. Everything was clear and clear. It is my will. I have no regrets and I can’t wait to see the pictures. I do what I want with my body and my life. This is what I think and how I build my life.” (Alaina, Apr 2021)

🤔 Other things you might be curious about

No, and in fact, we don’t allow anyone on-set other than models appearing in the shoot today and a Shoot Producer.

Why is no one else allowed on set?

We’ve got nothing to hide here, so let us share the reasons for this policy:

  • We’re a business with time constraints and lots to get done on a shoot day
  • Our Shoot Producers need to wholly focus on the task at hand
  • We need you to completely focus on the work you’re being paid for
  • Non-workers are not covered by various insurances
  • Having a non-worker present may make other models on set uncomfortable (though on your first shoot, you will be the only model)
  • If we’re making a shoot in someone else’s home, having non-working people in their home is not part of the agreement we have with them

Non-workers on set, no matter how well-meaning, can interfere with a smooth and safe shoot day.


There are some special exceptions to our no-one-else-on-set rule;

  • On some shoots with two or more models, we have a Second Camera Operator for video
    • We’ll always let you know about that well before the shoot day;
  • Very occasionally, we may have a Shoot Producer Trainer on set
    • You’d be asked beforehand if you’re ok with that and it’s never a problem to say no;
  • If you are genuinely disabled and require a support person to do the job, we allow that support person
    • For example, if you’re deaf and rely on a signing language to communicate
    • If you require someone for “emotional support”, we’re not able to faciliate that, sorry. Nude modelling is probably not for you. 

How can I feel more comfortable with this policy?

We understand and appreciate that this is the first time you’re going to be alone with our Shoot Producer who you do not know, and you may feel uncomfortable with that. So here’s what we do offer:

  • Once your Shoot Producer is assigned to you, we’ll link you to a page with more info about them, including comments from other models who have worked with them
  • You can video call / voice call / email / SMS with the Shoot Producer before the shoot day. Your partner or friend is welcome to attend these calls.
  • You’ll have the contact info for your Shoot Producer, and for real people in our company that have worked here for years
  • Your partner can drop you off at the shoot location, meet the Shoot Producer at the door
    • But they are not welcome to enter the shooting space for insurance and liability reasons
  • We commit that you’ll not leave the location, or be asked to go to a different location, without having an option to notify your partner
    • For example, your Shoot Producer might suggest visiting the store to buy some lunch together; or, maybe it’s a nice day outside, and Shoot Producer wants to get some footage of you walking in a park to complement the inside component of the shoot
  • You can have you phone on (on silent, please!), so people you trust can track your phone
  • You can call or message trusted people to let them know you’re ok at any time during the shoot
    • However, it’s not appropriate to have ongoing text conversations with people during the shoot – we’ve got work to do!
  • You can call or message someone if the shoot is running late

If there’s something else you’d like us to do to assure your safety and comfort, let us know and we can work something out (and probably add it to the list above).

You should know that each Shoot Producer has completed a background check, is required to comply with our Principles of Working with Models, and we have a copy of their their ID on file. We do a post-shoot check-in call with every model the first time she works with us so we can get feedback on how the Shoot Producer worked with them.

Also see related FAQs:

How do I know you’re legit?

How do I know I’ll feel safe on a shoot?


When we get a model applying to work with us, we have a few goals:

  • Treat the model with respect and care
  • Help the model make an informed decision (learn about us, and have their questions answered concisely)
  • Allow us to make an informed decision (to decide if this model is right for us)
  • Meet basic KYC (Know Your Client) administrative requirements
  • To prepare for the shoot booking process (that is, gather data needed to begin shoot booking)

[Asked about the application process] “It was so well organized and professional that even for someone who does not know English or computers or technology this would be easy to do. There is no hard part!” (Alice S, Sep 2021).

During the process, if we find a model that is not suitable for working with us, we’ll let them know as soon as possible so their time is not wasted. At any stage of the process, models can choose to cancel their application. We ask that they notify us of this, so we can be sure not to bother them in the future. So with that in mind, when you Apply you can expect the onboarding process to take around 60 minutes, spread over about a week (less if you respond promptly! 😍).

“The fact that I was recommended to not work with you guys… I was a little hesitant at first because the application process did seem a bit unending…I am really glad I stuck with it! I had a fantastic experience doing the shoot itself. It went smoothly, I got paid smoothly. I have no complaints at all!” (Nicole T, Jul 2021).

The process looks like this:

ABOVE: Our New Model Enquiry process for models. On the left in blue is stuff we do, on the right in pink is what you do. In more detail:

  1. We make an initial assessment of your application – do you basically seem to be right for us? (female, over 18, etc)
    1. We ask you for some more information that you did not supply originally (for example, contextual images of your tattoos)
  2. We ask you come to complete a Basic Info questionnaire
    1. We provide some info around “Posing Levels”, payment, show you the Release contract you’d need to sign
    2. We ask you questions about yourself (for example, about your pubic hair, flexibility, etc)
    3. This info is securely stored in our Models Database
  3. The Info Session call
    1. We organise a 20-minute phone call (at our expense), where we answer your questions and ask a few more questions; we take notes.
  4. You take some selfie topless test shots, that meet our requirements
  5. We assess your suitability for our site and let you know our decision
  6. We ask you to fill in our Onboarding Questionnaire,
    1. We gather more info like how we pay you, your address, lunch preferences, and similar info to begin preparing for your first shoot

That’s the end of our model onboarding process. Next up is organising your first shoot (this link goes to our site for existing models).

” You answered my emails so quickly and everything was transparent” (Lisette, Aug 2021).

“I didn’t have many worries or concerns. I was very impressed with your onboarding process. I would have been surprised if something went wrong or not as expected. This is a company that would do everything professionally.

The onboarding process was long and extensive, but it felt necessary. I think it is good for vetting some girls. I felt good about it and once I was on the plane I had no concerns about anything” (Alexandra T, Aug 2021).

A Model Liaison is a member of our organisation who works with models. For example;

  • The New Applications Model Liaison works with models who apply from here and helps them get “onboarded”
  • The Booking Model Liaison works with models to book their shoots
  • The Girl-Boy Model Liaison works with models to prepare them for making a girl-boy shoot with their real-life partner (more info)

“The girl who prepared my flight was really good. Leena [Model Liaison] really listened to all of my preferences and my wishes and she did as I asked” (Junie, Aug 2021).

We have a bunch of other Model Liaisons in the department, and several Model Liaisons have been models themselves – so they get where you are coming from (they’re also all female, btw). Most Model Liaisons are “cross-trained”, meaning they can perform several tasks in our business (or at the least, are familiar with each other’s roles) 💯.

“It is literally the most unique shoot I’ve ever booked. It is very personable and you share your personality…But it is also the most professional shoot I’ve ever worked on. You have Model Liaisons checking on you constantly…I wish more companies operated like this!” (Melody Y, Nov 2021).

All our Model Liaisons are experienced and professional and there to help at any time (we have 24-7 coverage for urgent issues; EU Business hours for non-urgent stuff). We’re happy to talk on the phone, do a video call, WhatsApp, or just email about any concerns you have, so don’t hesitate to reach out (well, check the FAQs first! 😅).

“The phone calls helped me leading up to the shoot helped me feel like I knew what was going on” (Jacklyn, Nov 2021).


During the Application process, after the Info Session phone call with us, we ask you to send a series of six images of yourself. 🤳 Some are topless 🌰🌰.

It’s not possible to submit images from other shoots – they need to be shot specifically for this (you’ll hold a sign with today’s date).

You can choose not to provide test shots, but we won’t be able to decide if we can offer you work.

When the time comes for you to send these images, we’ll provide more details on exactly what we need, and some tips for how to make them (with a friend, or alone – with your smartphone is fine). But if you’re really curious, you can see the spec.

A Shoot Producer is an expert photographer & videographer, who’s completed extensive training with us to make shoots that meet our customers’ needs.

“She [Shoot Producer Giulia] brought a lot of energy with her, and she made a lot of jokes and she is always smiling. She takes a lot of small breaks to check that everything is okay…I felt like I was there with a friend that I already know. I didn’t expect it to be that nice!

She is a professional because she knows how to manage the situation. I think she could tell that I was less energetic at the end than I was at the beginning and she helped me get more energy at the end of the day.” (Alice S, Sep 2021)

“It felt natural and friendly and respectful. I felt that he [Shoot Producer Brad] knew what he was doing based on his behavior. He was knowledgeable, trustworthy, and had things under-control.” (Lisette, Aug 2021)

Shoot Producers have their own camera and lighting equipment and locations to make shoots in. For Solo model shoots (usually the first shoot any model does with us), Shoot Producers work alone with the model.

We have Shoot Producers in many cities around the world (you can see the full list on the Apply page), with a few more being added each year. After a model has decided to work with us, we’ll introduce her to her geographically closest Shoot Producer.

Shoot Producers are contractors for us – when they make a shoot, they invoice us for the work they have done. We pay models directly for their work (by electronic funds transfer, the day after the shoot).

“We talked a lot about the shoot but I didn’t know, obviously, but Hermann was really helpful and understanding and he explained everything to me really well and told me how to do the posing and he was really helpful and made me feel good.” (Sena, Sep 2021)

You can see how we recruit new Shoot Producers, and how we train Shoot Producers.

On our site for our existing models, models.abbywinters.com, we have a super-detailed description of each aspect of a typical shoot day (every day is a little different of course, but this is what all of them have in common).

Here are some things models have said after their first shoot with us.

“It was smooth. It was easier than I thought in a lot of ways. It was very entertaining” (Lisette, Aug 2021).

“I was nervous about the fact it said this would take 9 hours – keeping my energy up for that amount of time I thought would be really hard but Guilia [Shoot Producer] was so motivated and her energy was there the whole way through that I never felt like ‘oh know now we have this thing to do’, day flew by – felt much quicker than I thought it would be”.

[Asked how the shoot day differed from what she expected] “A lot quicker, I was expecting it to be 9 hours of feeling a little uncomfortable as I held difficult poses for a really long time but it was nothing like this – a lot easier!” (Zina B, Nov 2018).

“Working with Brad [Shoot Producer] was just like being himself, he makes you feel really comfortable and is not bossy or in your face, saying you are doing things wrong, he gives you space” (Jayla, Oct 2018).

“Great, the shoot went really well. It went faster than we thought, Ursula [Shoot Producer] gave me a heads up that it would be a long shoot day so I was expecting it to be 8 hours or so but I think we did it in 5. Also, it was so much fun that the time really flew by for me, I didn’t notice how long it was at all!”

[Asked if she felt she could suggest ideas during the shoot] “Oh yes! So we worked together and were sharing ideas all the way through, I think this might be why the day went faster and was more interesting. We started doing yoga and Ursula also does yoga like me so we were both thinking of ways to improve the poses and what we would be doing next. Two heads are better than one” (Zhen, Sep 2018).

[Asked about her Shoot Producer, Elvaar] “He just made me feel very comfortable and helped me with his direction so I knew what to do” (Tilly B, Sep 2018).

“My Shoot Producer was Hermann, He is a guy so I was a little sceptical but he was really professional. Was more relaxed than I expected. hehehe He had to keep telling me to close my legs! Maybe next time we need to do the higher levels ;) He is very very respectful and takes his job seriously. You don’t feel he is looking at you in a weird way at any time, and this is really really important, especially for beginners”

“The location of the shoot was beautiful! A great apartment on AirBNB that was not too far from where I was staying. I asked to use bedroom but he explained to me we could do more on the couch and he was right. It was a lovely space” (Fernanda, Aug 2018).

[Asked how the shoot day differed from what she expected] “My biggest surprise was how collaborative it was, I didn’t expect to be coming up with ideas but that was the fun part! I got really eager on how we do show the next thing. It was great my personality was taken into account so much” (Elin, Aug 2018).

We often make several shoots with each model (the average is five shoots, but some have done 20, and others only one). Of course, there’s no obligation to appear in more than one shoot, but most models have a great time on their first shoot and are keen for more. 😁

“I really want to do all of the shoots. I want to work for you as long as possible. I want to be needed as long as possible. I want to try different types of shoots!” (Elza, Jan 2021)

Usually, we’d organise your first shoot, then wait a few weeks for you to think about how it was for you, and for us to check how it looks. Then, we may be back in contact to offer you some other types of shoots – we have a bunch of them. Each has a different rate of pay and expectations, and some have “prerequisites” (that is, we need you to appear on Shoot type B, before you can appear in Shoot type C).

The typical route is as follows:

Solo: Your first shoot is of you, alone. We sometimes ask you to do more Solo shoots (typically up to three, spread over 12 months).

Masturbating with another model: Just you guys in a room masturbating (the Shoot Producer sets it up, then leaves you to it). Can be a bit weird, but in a good way! Shot for video only.

Sexy playing with another model: We sometimes make “Guest Direction” shoots, where an experienced model (the Guest Director) is paired with a less-experienced model (you), and gives sexualised “challenges” to her (for example, I wonder if we can make all our nipples touch, without using our hands?). There’s no body-fluid interaction in these shoots (no kissing or oral sex). Shot for video only. We limit these shoots to one per model.

Girl-girl sex shoot: Full sex with another female model, oral sex, fingers inside, the whole deal. Models can appear in several of these shoots.

Girl-Boy shoot: You and your real-life male partner have sex, and we film it (and separately take pictures). Models can appear in one of these (per boyfriend 😉).

For each of these shoots, we offer them to models who do a good job, are easy to work with, communicate well, are enthusiastic about making great shoots, and meet our “paradigm” requirements. And of course, only if you want to do more shoots – there’s no obligation.

Where possible, we’ll book you in to do several shoot types in the same week (this is especially the case if you’re traveling to a Shoot Producer).

On our site for existing models, we have a FAQ, How can I do more shoots in the future? This describes in more detail the considerations we make before offering models more shoots.

We get a lot of models applying for work at modelfor.abbywinters.com, and we’re not able to offer work to everyone. We only shoot models who fit our “paradigm” requirements so to increase your chance of being chosen, follow these tips:

  • Be healthy and happy!
  • Be height-weight proportionate
  • Be well-groomed – no bruises, scratches, or bites (scars are fine)
  • Be on time and behave professionally
  • Remove all face and body piercings for the shoot
  • Remove all makeup for the shoot
  • Have lots of pubic hair – we place a high priority on shooting models who have full, natural pubic hair.

That’s not to say that candidates who don’t match this perfectly are automatically rejected – we’re always flexible.

“Probably the hardest part was just applying because it was the first shoot I had done in three or four years. The pressure I had in my own mind when I first applied… The grooming photos… When I first applied I wasn’t sure if I would get selected, so I was making sure I got the angle right and making my boyfriend take the pictures again just to make sure I got it exactly right…After that, the clothing was easy to find, the apartment was easy to find, scheduling was fine. The shoot was great. Even Leena [Model Liaison] was messaging me on the day of the shoot and everyone was really attentive.” (Sascha, Feb 2020)

This is not employment

First we should be clear, this is not an employment situation (that is, you’re not required to work on certain days, for certain hours, and there are no benefits normally associated with employment, such as medical insurance, holidays, illness leave, or similar).

We do have employees, several of whom have been models (in fact, our most senior employee was once a model with us!), but they work organising shoots and in other areas of the business, not as models now. More info on our non-model employment opportunities.

Working with us as a model is a Contractor relationship. Once we decide that we’d like to work together, we’ll let you know we have a shoot we’d like you to appear in (and, you can let us know when you’d like to do a shoot). Then, we work together to make that shoot happen, and we pay you for appearing in that shoot.

Ongoing shoot work

For most models we work with, we’ll organise between five and 15 shoots over the following few years (but just once, or more than that is also possible). So, it’s ongoing work in that sense.

But, there’s no contractual requirement for us to offer you shoots, or to shoot you when you ask for it: we both have to agree it’s something we want. You’re free to make shoots with other companies, as well.

🤓 Stuff we think you should know about

Our customers come to us to see our models more “natural” than elsewhere, and part of that is models wearing no makeup on our shoots. That means, no concealer, no foundation, no powder, no tinted moisturizer, no lipstick, no blusher or rouge, no eyeliner or eye shadow. Here’s some typical feedback from a satisfied customer;

I needed to congratulate you once more on your work! What you do is so much better than the majority of other sites, yours is artistic and showcases beauty in an organic way (no makeup or other artificial additives). Thank you!!! You take the time to let us learn about the girl, relish her eyes, ears, hair, toes, and more! Thank you for providing a platform on which we can access and relish these gifts of nature.

“I was a little bit worried about what I would look like without makeup… I felt surprisingly comfortable!” (Celestina, Jul 2021)

We have one exception to our no-makeup rule: a moderate amount of mascara is permitted.

“In the beginning, I was just worried about the no-makeup part… Doing makeup is my profession, I am used to putting on at least some makeup for photos. But, it is my face after all and it must not be that bad. It turned out okay. I was allowed to wear mascara and I looked okay with that and not the rest. I realized it would be a nice shoot so, let’s do it 😉! I think the light and camera settings made me look better than in real life.” (Anna X, Apr 2022)

All the images on these pages were made of models without makeup. They, us, and our customers think they look pretty great! (we hope you do, too!) Our Shoot Producers are experts in making our models look good.

Some models feel liberated by this approach and embrace it. For other people, they’re not so comfortable – that’s ok. The work we offer is not for everyone, and there are plenty of sites that are happy to shoot with all the “war paint” you can manage to get on your face! 🚚 :)

“I was so worried about shooting without makeup…. But it was fine. That was my biggest concern and I’m very happy that that was fine.” (Melody Y, Nov 2021)

“One of the biggest changes it had on my life is that I actually wear a lot less make-up now, because I like the way I look in the shoot!” (Lotte L, Jul 2019)

Here are some face closeups from some shoots we have made. No makeup (except, some models are wearing a little mascara). Click an image to see the full-size version.

No, a “Shoot” for us comprises of both mediums, stills, and video (on a shoot day, we’d normally shoot the stills first, have a lunch break, then shoot the video).

It’s likely the video shoot is not as bad as you’re imagining! We work with you and can direct you a lot if you prefer, or just provide some broad guidelines if you want to freestyle it. Or some balance between the two. We’ll ask you questions, and direct you to do activities – you’re never just told to “perform now!”.

“I thought that it was going to be more hard to shoot, especially video but it was easier because I have never shooted video before, I was doing some photos before but I never did a video, so I guess that my feelings about the video was that I was thinking it’s going to be more difficult as I think but it was pretty easy though it still took more time for video than pictures” (Anca, Mar 2019).

Also, you have a fair amount of input into the video (after all, it’s of you, and wholly about you), but there’s also some things we need to capture you doing (but only things you’re comfortable doing, and you can always choose not to do a certain thing).

“The only thing that was a little bit of a surprise was that while I knew I was going to be interviewed, I didn’t know what questions were going to be asked. Which I imagine is on purpose because you need to be authentic… I was just thinking off the top of my head but I felt good about it” (Cara, Aug 2021).

We have a page with model details for our existing models that you might find reassuring, How do the solo videos work? 📹 How do I know what say and do?

But overall, if you’re not comfortable appearing in the video under any circumstances, we’re not able to work with you, sorry.

The internet is forever, so this is a big decision!

While you’ll be one of many people naked on the internet… you’ll still be naked on the internet. We do have some slow, expensive, long term options for content removal (we promise, you won’t like them), but we strongly recommend only doing this if it’s something you know you want to be permanent.

While we’ve been running for 23 years now – and we plan to keep running for at least that long in the future – things can change. If we find we cannot run a profitable business any more, we’d probably sell all the content we made. We’d have a requirement that the buyer must treat your material in the same way we do, and the owners will work hard to enforce that.

See also:


Our customers want to see (all of) the real you; wigs and masks can hide that.

The idea of the shoot was to paint! The Paint is important to my life. I want the others to see my paint and my relationship with the paint. I think my whole body needed to touch the paint. The other idea was my bike. Also, my bike because it was important to me! It was my life. It was the two things most important to my life. Painting 🎨 and bikes🚲!” (Rita L, Feb 2022)

Perhaps you’re considering this as a way to hide your identity (because you’re concerned about being busted)? Of course, that’s a valid concern! Its rare models are “found out”, but it is possible. We prefer to work with models who are proud of their work with us, but know that’s one of those “easier said than done” things.

First, check out our FAQ answers below for our position on that;

I’m worried about being found out by my boss / family?

What is the “National Blackout” Option?

Wearing a mask in a shoot

We never allow masks in our shoots. If wearing a mask is a requirement of yours, we can’t work together, sorry.

Wearing a wig in a shoot

Wearing a wig in a shoot may be possible. Ultimately, our customers pay us to make shoots of models who look “naturalistic” – a slippery thing to define! We need to see clear images of you with, and without your wig, so we can make a decision (your wishes will always be taken into account, but it may be that we will only offer work to you if you don’t wear a wig).

We encourage you to be honest with us about your wig-wearing. Not telling us, and arriving on-set for a shoot wearing a wig would likely result in the shoot being canceled on the spot. That’s going to be super annoying for everyone.

We keep our models’ information extremely confidential and don’t make personal information available to anyone other than those who work with you (Shoot Producers, Model Liaisons). Real names are never used on the website.

We have a Privacy Policy we absolutely stick to. Have a read – it’s not even boring. 🤓

After you apply, we’ll organise an Info Session, a 15-minute phone call to discuss your application, and give you a chance to ask us questions. Our goal is for you to have no unanswered questions after the Info Session – we want you to feel you’ve made an informed decision to work with us (we do not ask you to actually make that decision in the Info Session). More info on what happens in an Info Session.

“I felt very well-prepared because of all the emails that we shared and all of the calls.” (Anabelle, Feb 2020)

So, it’s great if you have a bunch of questions prepared, we’ll answer each one concisely. If you’re stuck on what to ask, here are some ideas:

  • How do I know I can trust you guys?
  • Is there anything I should know about the Release / Contract?
  • How long will it take for my money to get to me?
  • What’s it really like on a shoot?
  • This all sounds a bit too good to be true…?
  • How long have you been involved with the company?
  • How did you start with the company?
  • How do you like working there?
  • What don’t you like about working there?
  • What were you concerned about when you were a model?
  • What else do you do at the company?

(Many other questions you may have are answered here in the FAQ, so we encourage you to read it… but it’s def fine to ask for clarification in the Info Session as well).

When you do modelling work for a company, you’ll be asked to sign a “Release”, a contract where you officially give permission to the company to use the images they make of you, in exchange for payment.

You can see our Release as a PDF – it’s a short 4-page legal contract, but it’s written in plain English (as much as our lawyers let us).

Like any contractual agreement, there can be good and bad things for you, so it’s always best to read it – we know, they are sooo boring 🥱 – or get someone you trust to read it for you. The best is to pay a lawyer to, but that can cost around US$200 for a one-hour consultation, but a trusted friend would be fine as well. But, we encourage you to empower yourself and read our Release on your own first. You’re welcome to ask us questions about it in your Info Session.

“The contract signing was really different….It was really quick and easy. Not a lot of big stacks of paperwork to do! It was a lot less serious” (Sena, Sep 2021).

In a nutshell, when you sign our Release on a shoot day, it gives us permission to use the media we captured of you on our website, and to promote our website with that media. In exchange, we pay you. 💰

Our Release is non-exclusive, which means, you can work with us, and continue to do similar work for other companies, post images of yourself online, or really do whatever you want in that regard.

It’s best to allow a full 9 hours for a shoot (from when you meet with the Shoot Producer until you leave), just to be safe, but it’s unlikely to take the full 9 hours.

If you have to be somewhere at a certain time on the shoot day, please let the Shoot Producer know when you discuss the date and start time with them.

We want you to look your best, and that might not happen if we have to rush. We can always re-schedule you for a more suitable day.

“Actually, it was way shorter than I was used to! Well, it was a little below average… But it didn’t feel as long. It is less work, more natural, easier to get through it more quickly. I have some experience working with other companies and I knew some poses to do so it went really quickly, actually. The shoot actually went by faster than we expected. We finished about an hour early. It was 10 am when we actually started shooting. We probably shot until 6 pm or 6:30 pm. It wasn’t bad at all!” (Myra, Jan 2021)

ABOVE: A rough schematic showing how a shoot day is laid out. Much more info on the Posing levels and Shoot Types page;  also see, What happens on a shoot day? for more details – both of these pages are aimed at our existing models.

“We made it a bit longer because we had a lot of ideas and we wanted the best shots possible. We wanted to make sure it was actually cool and a good first shoot and a good first impression for me. We agreed that that’s important” (Dalilah, Nov 2021).

Primarily, the material we capture of you will be on our members-only website abbywinters.com (warning, there’s some pretty explicit stuff there, but you choose how revealing you choose to be on a shoot).

While the full shoot media is only available to paying customers, we make a short 30 second video and 20 small images available to prospective customers, to get them interested (an example). These pages are accessible by anyone online.

We make ~30 images available to marketers who make pages (Example 1; Example 2, Example 3), in an effort to help us find new customers (if someone buys from us due to their marketing, they get a cut of the sale). We do not make videos available to these marketers. These pages are accessible by anyone online.

We may choose to use an image or two on our Twitter account, posting in our subreddit, or on our Instagram (we do not use those social networks much, however). These pages are accessible by anyone online.

Some images may appear in our training materials for Shoot Producers, or on sites we use to educate models, such as this, Model for Abbywinters (for prospective models), and models.abbywinters.com (for existing models). These pages are accessible by anyone online.


Unfortunately, piracy (people stealing media, and making it available elsewhere) is a fact of life online and affects all content creators – videos, images, writing, TV and movies, comics, books, games… any sort of media.

There are no completely effective ways to stop piracy. We employ two companies to find pirated content, and issue “take down notices”, where the company responsible for hosting that media must remove the material. Most countries in the world have laws ensuring offenders comply, some countries do not (notably, Russia), so some material is impossible to get removed.

Once material is removed, the same (or, other) material may be re-posted, and the cycle repeats. We’re successful in getting tens of thousands of links to pirated abbywinters.com content removed each month.

If a model finds pirated material online, we encourage them to contact us and we’ll prioritise getting it removed, if possible.

The Info Session is a 15-minute phone call with someone who has been a model with us before and now works with us to help new models learn about us.

We schedule the call at a time that suits you – we have a few people who deliver Info Sessions located around the world, so we ask you to set your timezone so you can see who’s available. We’ll send a few SMS’s in the days leading up to the call, to make sure we’re both still ready for it.

“I was really comfortable. Izzy [Model Liaison] was very kind and sweet. I remember that I had some doubts about English, I’m a Spanish speaker, but it wasn’t an issue at all. I totally understood her. I remember also I felt the conversation was very open, talking about being photographed nude and its implications, I think I’ve never talked about this with anyone so it felt nice and free of judgment.” (Valeria, Sep 2017)

[Fun fact… Valeria gave us that feedback in 2017, and a few years later we invited her to come work for us delivering Info Sessions herself! You might speak with her in your Info Session.]

The call is pretty informal. We’ll ask you a few questions about yourself – why you want to model, what you understand the risks to be. You can ask questions (more info) and we’ll answer them as directly and concisely as possible. We encourage you to ask subjective open-ended questions (for example, “Why should I not do this?”).

The Info Session call is not a “sales call” where you’re pressured to make a decision, and there are no penalties for wanting to take time to think about it. Our only goal of the Info Session is for you to feel informed about working with us.

However, at the end of the call, we do ask if you’re generally interested in proceeding (so we know if we should move to the next phase of the process). It’s totally fine to say you want to think about – or to say it’s not for you.

If you do want to proceed, we’ll ask when you expect to be able to complete the next step.

We require our models to speak English well – for example, able to hold a conversation in English for 15 minutes.

If English is your first language, there’ll be no problem.

Your English does not need to be university-exam-level perfect, but you should be able to hold a comfortable conversation for 15 minutes.

I was worried about speaking English but it was no problem. Sometimes I don’t feel confident about my language skills… This was unusual for me to be speaking. It was easy and I had to be myself! I didn’t have to be perfect. After doing the shoot, I have no more issues with my English.” (Jessy, Nov 2022)

We require models to speak English for several reasons:

  • The main reason: Our customers are English-speaking, and pay us to watch videos of models speaking English.
  • The information we provide to you to prepare for the shoot is all in English
  • English is the only language our Shoot Producers all speak (though, they may also speak other languages)
  • All our paperwork is in English, which you need to understand before signing

In the Info Session, we’ll assess your English level, and let you know if there is a problem. If English is a second language for you, and we find you do not understand our questions or you’re not able to express your answers clearly, we may need to end the Info Session early. In this situation, we will not be able to work with you.

If your spoken English improves, we encourage you to re-apply in the future.


🙃 Other stuff we get asked sometimes

We sometimes make shoots of our female models having sex with her real-life boyfriend 🍆🍑 (but we never make shoots of female models with some “stud” dude). It’s our preference that female models appears in a solo shoot first, but that’s not a requirement.

We have a bunch of info for real-life male-female couples applying over on our Fuck Like You’re Being Filmed 😇 site, so check that out to apply together.

Because most of our shoots are with solo female models, our application and screening process is geared towards that, so there may be some questions that are not relevant to you applying for a girl-boy shoot. It’s fine to just answer whatever to those questions, if you’re only interested in doing a shoot together.

Kitten is the name of our new models portal, a place for Candidates and Models to log in and interact with us. Share information of theirs, and get information they need for shoots.

Kitten is not yet live – we expect to release it in late 2021 – but it’s being built, and you might see some references to it as we prepare to make it part of how our business works.

Hm, how secure will this be?

Security is the main reason we’re making Kitten. We’re extremely security conscious, following best-practises. It’ll be more secure than most banks.

But, there’s always a compromise between security and usability (the more secure you make a thing, the more annoying it is to access it). So, we’re finding a balance.

Why have Kitten instead of emails?

Almost all the communication we’ll have with you is via emails (though SMS, WhatsApp, and calls are options we’ll use sometimes as well, if it’s ok with you). There’s a few reasons Kitten is an improvement over emails.

  • Security. The number one reason. We’re based in the Netherlands, part of the European Union, which has very strict data privacy laws. Having stuff online, but in a password secured place is safer for everyone than clear-text emails.
  • We can lay out info so it’s easy to read. Links, images, videos, and gifs work reliably, which does not always happen in emails. We can update informational pages so they always have the most recent information (unlike emails). We can highlight information that’s particularly important to your situation.
  • Central point of reference. We’ll often exchange many emails to get a model onboarded, and many more to book a shoot. That means, all the info about a shoot might be spread across several emails. In Kitten, it’s all in one place, and always up to date (Model Liaisons, and Shoot Producers use the “back end” of Kitten to organise shoots).
  • Spam. Sometimes, our emails to models end up in their spam filters, which causes delays and frustration.
  • You can update your info as you like. For example, if you want us to pay you to a different bank account, simply log in and update your bank details, and that’s what we’ll use from then on. If your ID is expired, we’ll prompt you to add a new one.
  • Keep our data up to date. When a shoot is planned, it’s essential data we have about you (such as your name, address, and next of kin, bank account info) are up to date, so the shoot day goes smoothly and safely. We’ll prompt you to review and if necessary update your info in the weeks before a shoot.
  • Workflows. Kitten can tie in with our business workflows. That’s important for us, because at any one time we work with around 30 models, ten Shoot Producers and a dozen timezones, and that shit is complicated! For example, we can see all the models waiting to have a shoot booked, or who need to send us grooming shots.

What can I do in Kitten?

Things you’ll be able to do in Kitten include:

  • See almost all the data we hold on you
    • Request data removal in some circumstances (see our Privacy Policy for more info on how that works exactly)
  • Update your contact info, next-of-kin, bank account, medical info
  • See info about shoots
    • Shoots we hope to offer you in the future
    • Shoots that are currently planned or booked
    • Shoots that occured in the past, and documents related to them
  • Request that we contact you
  • Advise us on what to do in an emergency
  • Link to your shoots on the abbywinters.com site
  • Complete and revise your answers to questionnaires for different shoots (so we can plan an awesome shoot that’s tailored to you)
  • Upload images (grooming, ID, test shots)
  • Submit STI test results
  • Live-chat with a Model Liaison

It’s gonna be great. 🤩

We’re a business created to provide a service for our moderately conservative paying customers, and we’re wary that some customers will be uncomfortable with transgender models appearing on our site (so much so as to stop paying for our service entirely). We’re willing to lose some customers over this – we believe that sex is a many varied and beautiful thing – but we’re not going to risk our entire business on it.

While we’re primarily seeking models who were assigned female at birth, since 2018 we are trialling including some models who were assigned male at birth but have transitioned to female and also undergone sex reassignment surgery.

Transgender model applicants will be subject to the same requirements we have for models who were assigned female at birth (only around 10% of those get accepted), and so transgender models may not be accepted for reasons regardless of their transgender-ness.


You have to be at least 18 (we require government-issued photo ID). Our upper age range varies, but it’s roughly 30.

Using your legal real name

We generally do not permit models to use their legal real name when appearing on our site.

Perhaps you are comfortable telling everyone about the work you’re doing for with us (awesome! 🤩), but having your nude shoot appear when your name is typed into Google by your employer is probably a complication you can live without (and the trouble this has caused in the past is why we no longer allow it).

Selecting a pseudonym

So, we select a pseudonym (“fake name”) for models who appear on our site. We have moderately strict brand guidelines for selecting that name (we select names based on your ethnicity and birth year).

Every model must have a unique name on our site – we cannot have exact duplicates. For example:

  • We could have models named Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Caitlin, and Caitlyn
  • We sometimes add “surname initials”, for example, Kaitlin R, Kaitlin E

Models are informed of the assigned site-name several weeks before their first booked shoot, and can ask to have it changed at that time (but not later!) – for example, if the selected name felt “weird” or inappropriate connotations (sister’s name; bully at school, etc).

What if I already have an established performing name?

Some people have an established name they perform under, and prefer to use that when working with us, to maintain their own brand – fair enough!

Models may be able to use their established name, or more likely, a modified version of it. For example;

  • “Mistress Kaitlin” is your established performing name, we could use “Kaitlin” (or, if we already had a “Kaitlin”, we would add a surname initial, for example, “Kaitlin R”)
  • “Kaitlin Christenson” is your established performing name, we could use “Kaitlin C” on our site (again, assuming we did not already have a “Kaitlin C”)
  • “K8lin” is your established performing name, we might use “Kaitlin E” on our site.
  • “cumbunny69” is your established performing name, we might use “Penny L” on our site.

If not using your exact established performing name is a “deal breaker” for you (after the possible variations described above), let us know early in the application process, so we can consider it – we may be able to come to a compromise that suits us both.

If we’re not able to reach agreement, we should not waste each others’ time going further.

Nude modelling is definitely not for everyone. This is why we schedule potential models for an Info Session.

“I read the information to make sure I got all of the information. I needed to understand the information so that I could make a valued and conscious decision.”  (Gizela, Sep 2021)

This is absolutely no obligation, and is your chance to meet with us and suss us out – and ask stacks of questions. After you Apply, we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in, then we can book the Info Session.

“Mentally at the beginning, I liked the idea of the shooting, being nude, being naked. But it was just an idea. My friend told me about you, but I didn’t realize what I could do and how I would look until I got into the website. It really had an impact to see how it would look! I had to step back and think about the reality of what would be shown.

I took a week to think about it and my friend Valeria [who referred Alaina to work with us] told me all of her good and bad experiences in her whole modeling career… Then I wanted to carry on with your company! Everything was very transparent and there were a lot of reminders, that helped me feel prepared.” (Alaina, Apr 2021)

If you decide it’s not for you, it’s no problem. Here’s a nice message we got from a model who works with kids (we always advise people who work with kids not to do nude modeling work – if they are “found out” by their employer, they might lose their job!). Here, we followed up with Bianca* a week after her Info Session, to see how she was thinking about it. Here’s her response back to us;

Hi Andrea*,

Yes I had a discussion about it with several friends and have concluded that whilst working with kids it is better to leave the modelling work at this time.

The company has been really great though and I’m so impressed with how well you look after people. If I ever know of anyone interested in this kind of work I would definitely recommend them to you.

Sorry I’ve been so difficult to contact, working 6 or 7 days a week at the moment and it has been all over the place.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Kind regards,


* names have been changed.

It’s a members-based website which means people need to buy a membership in order to access all the content. Potential members check out the small free section of the site and, if they like it, pay using their credit card to buy a subscription for a specific length of time, or buy individual scenes.

No, you don’t.

“For me, this is wonderful. I really like the work! The photos and videos for abbywinters.com are beautiful! I saw the shoot… It is incredible! It was very cute and like my real life. I was like, wow! I want more shoots with abbywinters.com because it is real!” (Rita L, Feb 2022)

For 23 years, we have spent a lot of time engaging our customers to learn about what they like and don’t like. From this, we created our “paradigm”, a specification for our Shoot Producers on what to capture of models. When we tried giving models the option on images to release, their ideas were at odds with our customers’ ideas (which makes sense, they are coming from completely different perspectives), and the results were poor for customers.

We’re a business, and by staying in business, we can pay models to work with us (customers have a lot of options these days, many of them free!).

So, it is likely we’ll release a few images you’d prefer we did not, but also, the images we release are not that bad. We’re not going to show images of you with your eyes half-closed, or a video of you falling over, or stuttering, for example. We’re about empowering our models, and part of that means editing out unintentional stuff. But, we might include images where some cellulite on your bum is visible, or your tummy is bunched up a bit when you sit. That’s part of who you are, and our customers quite like seeing that (in fact, we’re known for showing models as they really are, and that’s part of how we’re able to stay in business and pay you to appear in shoots!).

Most models quite like the shoots we make of them (once they get over the initial “That’s what my voice sounds like?!” thing we all have). 🎙️

All that being said, if there is a specific image/video segment that deeply concerns you, we can discuss it. On the shoot itself, you can always discuss with your Shoot Producer your preferences, but requests like “never show my butt” won’t fly. 🙄

btw, before your shoot is released, we’ll give you free access to the site forever.

Probably not – at least, not in the next few months.

As your friend, our Shoot Producers are skilled in both Photography and Videography… but they also undertake around 80 hours of brand-specific training before they start making shoots with us. The training is around making shoots that our customers are sure to enjoy (rather than just “a shoot”).

It’s quite possible your preferred photographer could do this training, of course, but it takes time to pass through our screening process, and typically that 80 hours is spread over a few months. So if you are interested in shooting with us, we’d travel you to one of our Shoot Producers initially. Later, if your friend completes our training, they can shoot you again for us! :)

“I felt really comfortable with Hermann [Shoot Producer]. I’ve never felt so good with a photographer! It went well and I felt comfortable. If it happened again where I was to shoot with Hermann, I’d be up for that!” (Larisa, Dec 2021).

If you think they’d be interested in working with us, please send them to our Shoot Producer recruitment page.

We have a modest reputation for helping amateur models become porn stars (when that’s something they want to do).

For example, Angela White (Angie on our site) and Amarna Miller (Carmina on our site) are two A-level performers that got their start with us. We occasionally make shoots with people who have already reached star status, but we tend to focus on the new up-and-comers more.

So, why work with us if you’re new and have big plans?

  • We’ve been around for 23 years and are highly respected in the industry.
  • We are award-winning, and consistently rated as one of the best adult websites in the world
  • We specialize in first-time experiences for models – gentle and fun
  • We take things at your speed, so there’s time to learn and grow
  • We explain the shoot before it starts, and encourage you to ask questions (before, during, and after)
  • We have multiple posing levels you can progress through as you get more comfortable
  • We honestly share the “cons” about the industry, as well as the “pros”
  • We take your sexual health seriously and can help to educate you for the future
  • We’ll set high expectations for other Shoot Producers you work with in the future
  • You can link to a social media account from our site when your shoot is published (more info)

“It was probably the best experience I’ve had working with anyone in the industry so far. It was honestly great. I was very impressed. I wasn’t expecting him [Shoot Producer Brad] to be that nice, professional, and easy to get along with!” (Nicole T, Jul 2021).

Some producers can be lax in some of these aspects, so it pays to be careful. Owner of Model for Abbywinters and abbywinters.com Garion Hall posts regularly on the knowledge-sharing site Quora, and answered the question I want to become a porn model, what should I know? which explores this in more depth.